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Triade absolved in Juventus trial

snakies2010-05-05 12:06:20 +0000 #1
Triad absolved in Juventus trial

Tuesday 24 November, 2009

The Triad composed of Antonio Giraudo, Luciano Moggi and Roberto Bettega has been absolved in a trial investigating Juventus' accounts during their time at the club.

All three stepped down from the Juventus board in 2006 following the Calciopoli scandal, which appeared to show Moggi exerting too much influence on referees.

However, the trial in question looked into plus-valenza, a curious form of profit, which ultimately came down to some very creative accounting.

When players are sold in Italy the sale is immediately entered into the accounts, whilst purchases are spread over the entire period of the contract.

The most valuable trick of all was to exchange players for the same price, thus creating plus-valenza on both sides without any money actually changing hands.

However, today “the facts do not hold” and the Triad has been absolved.

One of the defence's lawyers, Andrea Galasso, said: “It's the triumph of justice on considerations of half-justice that has animated this painful judicial event.”



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