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who are the best players in europe at the mo? ben2010-05-08 09:12:41 +0000 #1
Yo people i am doing a special poll of the best players in Europe on friday 6-7pm uk time on, the ballon d'or is inadequate! heres my list

1.Samuel Eto'o

2.John Terry

3.Michael Ballack


5. Juniniho Pernambucano

Pirlo, Zlatan, Riquelme, Henry, Shevchenko were on my shortlist but these are my top 5.

This isn't a spam people, im just interested in gauging the fans opinions so people at my uni, and any other listeners can intiate in healthy football debate. If you want to contribute email the show the earlier the better For the final result listen to the show on friday and every fridays 6-7pm uk time on BURNFM.COM.


Ben Amoah.



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