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Help Please!

jazzdpb2010-05-08 06:06:55 +0000 #1
i know that my father's family is from asturias, so the corresponding team is sporting de gijon, however, i don't know which team corresponds to where my mother's side of the family comes from (castile-leon).

could someone please let me know?
Highway Penguin2010-05-08 06:14:59 +0000 #2
Valencia, or Hercules I think.
Equis52010-05-08 06:46:13 +0000 #3
No Penguin NO!!!! It's too far!!

Actually, there are Castilla y Leon teams only in amateur leagues. Exactly, which zone? Segovia? Ã?vila? Burgos?
Highway Penguin2010-05-08 06:19:25 +0000 #4
No to Hercules and Valencia?

They are in that area, yes.

My mom grew up there, and I've been there.

I also looked at a map.

Unless I misunderstood him, I'm pretty sure I'm right.



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