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La Liga Prediction League (and more).

inetsgrad2010-05-08 05:50:48 +0000 #1
La Liga Prediction League (and more).

Year-round prediction league at http://******************* invites you to share exciting experience of participating in play-off tournaments, fighting for top positions in many different types of ranking system.

All this available for members of prediction-league at http://******************* .

Join today.
inetsgrad2010-05-08 06:01:28 +0000 #2
New session has begun on Prediction-League

The results of the last Year are not final yet. Since two more tournaments from 2004 are still running.

Two rounds left before finishing all tournaments which go in account of year 2004.

Current ranking Top 10

1 Algener 128.4

2 Том 111

3 ВолодÑ? 103.1

4 shade 94.8

5 Amkar-fan 85.5

6 Pavel239 85.4

7 1914-FWW 81.8

8 IUnknown 72.8

9 PECTAPt 70.6

10 Lancaster 70

Take a closer look.

The current leader Algener has 128.4 points. He has already finished the race for the title of the year 2004. He will not get any additional points. Other top players may still improve their positions. Том and ВолодÑ?, they are playing in Christmas Tour (series 2004-2005) and there are two more rounds left in this tournament. The winner of this tournament gets 33 points that means 27 addition points. Therefore Том and ВолодÑ? still have a chance to change decorations, if just one of them will take the title.

5th place Amkar-fan and 6th place Pavel239 may get up to 27 and 18.2 points correspondingly. The best result Amkar-fan can show is a second place and Pavel239 is able to rise up to 3rd place.

That’s all about ranking of the year 2004. The next round is scheduled on January 8 2005. It will start a new race for the title of the best predictor of year 2005. Do not miss your opportunity now and take as much as possible points from the very beginning. Who knows, maybe that will be the decisive points which let you to grab the first place at the end of the year 2005.

inetsgrad2010-05-08 06:00:39 +0000 #3
Real Madrid - Real Sociedad prediction made by prediction machine, based on predictions of league members.

Real Madrid - Real Sociedad score 2-0

Real Madrid win - 70.83%

Draw - 25.00%

Real Sociedad Win - 4.17%

Details see at http://*******************
inetsgrad2010-05-08 06:05:53 +0000 #4
Do not lose your last chance to make predictions for matches of La Liga's 18th round.


The schedule of the games is following below:



Sevilla - Getafe

Valencia - Levante

Numancia - Athletic de Bilbao


Real Sociedad - Albacete

Atletico de Madrid - Real Madrid

Racing Santander - Malaga

Espanyol - Osasuna

Zaragoza - Betis

Mallorca - Deportivo

Villarreal - Barcelona
inetsgrad2010-05-08 06:07:43 +0000 #5
Super Final of Year 2004.

The next round will end the season of year 2004.

In the final of the tournament Christmas Tour (series 2004-2005) Tom And Volodya will meet in the decisive game for the title of the best predictor of year 2004.

After last round which was played this week-end the current leader (year 2004) of the league Algener has lost his chance to stay on the top on the ranking table.

19.5 points will be given by the next round to the winner of it and that will change the ranking table dramatically. So, and Tom and Volodya has now equal chances to finish in first place. Thus the last match of the last tournament of year 2004 become a Super Final for whole season.

The new season of year 2005 has stared with tournament New Year Tour (series 2004-2005). There is a list of first leaders of new season following below:

1 Tifozi 4

2 ЮлÑ? 4

3 Algener 4


5 IUnknown 4


You can join prediction league now:

Visit http://******************* for more details.



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