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To Deportivo Fans

Forza_Besiktas2010-05-08 08:04:04 +0000 #1
"Celta supporters began to call "Turks" to Deportivo supporters after Depor was beaten by some Turkish team. They said things like: "you're so bad you can't even beat a Turkish team"... and Riazor Blues answered back that what was wrong with the Turks, and so on. They finally decided to transform that "insult" into something positive, so that's when they began to call themselves "Turks" (and proud of it).

so since many years they have this view on their stadiums...."

First of all we are very happy to see that view in your stadium,All the Turkey is behind of you,100 Million Turk supporting Deportivo..I would like to see Deportivo when they play friendly match vs any Turkish team because everybody wants to see you here,your team and your fans...

Good Luck Guys,Deportivo forever.....



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