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Will Spain win a title?

barça2010-05-08 08:33:14 +0000 #1
The great Beckenbauer said yesterday, that he was not worried about seeing Spain in big tournaments, because they will never win a title. He said that Spain may have good players, but they come to the tournaments too tired and not as a team.

I think that he is very wrong, he should worry about his team first and never talk about another team not winning. The European cup is in Portugal, there will be record numbers of Spaniards in the stands, and I am looking for Spain to win it all.
Juan2010-05-08 08:45:50 +0000 #2
I think they will. Before the end of the decade they should have at least a new Euro title.
BLAUGRANA2010-05-08 08:48:20 +0000 #3
A Euro title perhaps. There is some sort of aura about the NT though, like they can't do it. They were SCREWED during the WC this past summer. Sorry 'bout the language, but it's the truth. That was a real opportunity to make the final, if not win it. Euro 2004 is a good bet, so long as the players stay healthy.
barça2010-05-08 09:55:19 +0000 #4
Well, I think that the Euro 2004 is for them to take. I like this new coach and his influx of new players, he lets them create and is not the dictator that Camacho is.

And now the the Beckenbauer is providing some great motivation to all the Spanish people.
Mendieta2010-05-08 09:42:32 +0000 #5
So true Barca. This team has a new look to it. As we all know Spain was screwed this past summer, and had the opportunity to probably win their first title. However, I don't look at it as a total negative experience. As a national team they achieved some great things even though they once again only made it to the quarters. For starters they won all three of their opening games without any problems and won their first game since 1960 something. Against Ireland they did have some problems, however I felt that they handled it excellently. The old Spain would have choked the moment that game went to penalties. Just look at Raul's miss at Euro 2000 or Euro 96 against England. I don't think there was one Spanish player who calmly scored their penalty against England in that game. However, against Ireland most of them we're calm and did what they had to. Also against South Korea they played cool and collective and should have clearly won the game. And if you look at the game against Paraguay, even after that unfortunate own goal by Puyol, they fought back. The old Spain would not have done that, they would have given up. I think the fact that Spanish clubs have done so well in Europe and that Spanish players are being sought out by many European clubs has helped changed the mentality in the national team as well, that "we're not chokers, we are great players and we can win and beat anyone". Like I've said before if the national team comes out in Euro 2004 like they did in WC2002 and starts winning their opening games, they will go to the end unless once again some stupid reffing prevents this. It's all about whether they continue with the same mentality at Euro 2004 that they had at WC2002. Because with the Spanish national team it's all about mentality, not skill. We know we have the skill and are probably one of the most skillful teams along Brazil, Italy, Argentina, etc.. however it's the wrong mentality that has killed us in the past.
barça2010-05-08 10:21:50 +0000 #6
And that mentality is changing, specially under a coach that has already won titiles with half of this team.

I can't tell you how happy I was when Camacho resigned and Saez was appointed. I have such respect for the guy. I will be rooting for Spain in the Euro 2004. Spain needs to show that German that he should worry about his team and not the orthers.



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