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Its time to finish this.......

Drummer2010-05-08 11:55:16 +0000 #1
Ok lets clear this up. Anybodys suggestions and resons are welcome. What makes a league the best league in the world and what is the Best one currently?? Base your Answer on the last few years........

I think that the headings would be---

1. The amount of world class players in it.

2 The excitement of the games in it.

3 The excitement of the league itself

4 The quality of the teams in it ( not just BIG NAMED TEAMS like Lazio and Parma etc that are not playing well at the mo )

5 The teams it has in Europe ( ie their success)

Maybe there are more factors, im open to suggestion. Now of course everybody has their own opinion as to what an exciting game is ( I like loads of goals) and great play.. Exciting games dont necessarily have to be full of skill. On this point I think that the Spanish or EPL are the best (my opinion) for excitement, the average goals per game says it all (2 per game in the premiership is the worst average of a team!!!)

I think that Spain , EPL and Italy are very close as to where the best players are . Again this is open to criticism as to who people think are world class. I think though that spain is the best, because they havge 4 of the best in Figo, zidane, Rivaldo and Roberto Carlos, wheras Italy have Del pierro and Totti ( the closest to the above mentioned) Ronaldo is not a world class player as he has not played a proper season in years. He is was great player a few years ago , but who is to say he hasnt lost it??? Until he plays consistantly and good , he cant be said to be currently a world class player.

The Italian league is the closest and therefore sems to be the most exciting.

Teams in Italy are very close as to their similar strength. No league is closer really. At the mo, the EPL is very close, with 8 points between the top 10, but thats not over the last few years though!!!!!!! I must point out though that while United have been destroying the EPL , the fights for 2nd 3rd 4th 5th and sometimes 6th have been exciting. When Italy had a super power Milan or Juve , I dont recall people sayingthat the Italian league is crap because only 1 team kept controlling it!!!!!!!!!

Euro succes is tied in with how close in strength team s are (quality of them) because any league can be close or have a load of teams similar in strength (this doesnt make the league great) but how these teams do in Europe ( dont even have to win it) determines how good quality the teams in the league actually are. I think that Spanish clubs ( even if its normally the same 4 or 5 , are the best by far in this department...

Overall I think that Spain wins out.........

ItalianBoy2010-05-08 12:07:04 +0000 #2
Good post drummer!

Well I think it depeds what you consider the best players I mean you might like Figo and I dont and I l might like Crespo and you dont so its all up to each one of us. Still I have to point out that you seem to forget the vast selection of world class players. You only name few when in fact there are way more. I say the ITA league has definatly lost something, given that Parma and Fiore are not the same, but to me, with Juve, milan, Inter Lazio and Roma, I say that 5vs the 4 of SPA I say mines are better. About the CL, I think that they are 2 different things, usually a team that plays both the C and the CL and its supposed to win or try to win both they have problems and usually they do better in only one of them as you can see with Juve and Roma and Real and Barca etc. So to say that the CL makes a league great I dont know. To me it depeds what soccer you like, and most of all what team you support and HOW much of the games you see. I persoanlly see all the SERIE A games. I do see Real playing in CL and the rest of the big teams in EPl Liga and I have to say that with some of them I am not impressed when I espect a team to be awesome since a commentator said they are.

About the style of soccer I tink that sure, ITA games are more tactical but it dosent mean they are always like that. I saw the Juve game today and there was tactic but like Real usues the tattic of letting Figo up front to thne pass it to Raul. Good tattic by Del Bosque by the way.
Drummer2010-05-08 12:18:31 +0000 #3
Lets just let bygones be bygones. We could spend all our time argueing this point......
ItalianBoy2010-05-08 13:18:26 +0000 #4
Wel we dont need to argue I mean I cant change or you cant change what I like. If you htink one guy is better than...... its all up to you!
An9el1232010-05-08 12:33:53 +0000 #5
well so far Italian leagues has 2 votes
Drummer2010-05-08 12:30:58 +0000 #6
You may see a smart comment or two around, but I take them back . Lets try to get along, even if we dont agree ( lets hope we dont argue about that).........
FANTA2010-05-08 14:47:36 +0000 #7
1. The amount of world class players in it

batistuta (roma)

totti (roma)

montella (roma)

signori (bologna)

nuno gomes (fiorentina)

cheisa (fiorentina)

christian vieri (inter)

javier zanetti (inter)

dalmat (inter)

toldo (inter)

conceicao (inter)

crespo (lazio)

stam (lazio)

mendieta (lazio)

nesta (lazio)

baggio (brescia)

guardiola (brescia)

cannavaro (parma)

shevchenko (milan)

maldini (milan)

rui costa (milan)

del piero (juve)

trezeguet (juve)

buffon (juve)

nedved (juve)

salas (juve)

thuram (juve)

2 is opinion.

3, serie a is usually decided on the last day, unlike some other league ...

quality of teams,

inter, milan, juve, lazio, roma ...

teams in europe,

roma, juve CL

milan, inter, fiorentina, parma UC

i don't really see the point of this topic ... it'll achieve nothing except, 'no it's not the best ... no this is better ... no that's not exciting blah blah ...'
Drummer2010-05-08 15:08:45 +0000 #8
The players you have mentioned are world class in your opinion.... Alot of those players are just above average..... Again thats my opinion... Serie A has been decided on the last day in the last 2 or 3 seasons which does make for an exciting finish......

Lazio arent exactly a quality team at the mo.......

i don't really see the point of this topic ... it'll achieve nothing except, 'no it's not the best ... no this is better ... no that's not exciting blah blah ...'

How about in future in your whole life you Dont respond to something you dont see any point in.......



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