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Illegal approach for Thierry Henry

Lance Knight2010-05-08 21:42:02 +0000 #1
Wenger lashes out at Barca


Posted: 10 minutes ago

Arsene Wenger threatened Barcelona with an official complaint over an illegal approach for Thierry Henry as he accused the Spanish club's president of a "lack of respect".

Barcelona president Juan Laporta reportedly told a fans' forum earlier this week that he would "do everything he can to try to sign Thierry Henry".

That has angered Wenger, especially given the doubts over Henry's future, with the Frenchman having delayed any talks over a new contract until the end of this season.

The Arsenal boss declared: "If they want to sign him, all they have to do is call us up because he has 18 months left on his contract.

"I hope to do something about it because it's unfair and unsettling. I am worried about it."

He told BBC Radio Five Live: "It shows a lack of respect. I don't care who you are in football. If you are Doncaster, or if you are Barcelona, you should respect the rules."

Wenger questioned whether Laporta was already starting the club presidential election process, having been voted in after vowing to bring David Beckham to the club - only for the England captain to join Real Madrid instead.

If Wenger did make an official complaint, he would have to report Barcelona to world governing body FIFA, although the Arsenal boss may simply be trying to warn clubs off his prize asset.

Arsenal previously fended off repeated interest in Patrick Vieira from Real Madrid, only for the French midfielder to move to Juventus this summer.

shiverez2010-05-08 21:55:13 +0000 #2
Its illegal if laporta speaks with Henry... but everyone always makes statements about who they want to sign... like Real wants Ballack. Ballack isn't free for talks until January... but Real Madrid hasn't 'spoken' with Ballack himself nor has the player been approached just like Henry.

So while it might be unfair cause it could cause the player to be unsettled, it is perfectly alright and has always been within the rules to express interest at the player. I think Wenger is just trying to warn off people from 'trying' to get him...



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