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Tribute to the unsung heroes

shiverez2010-05-08 21:53:36 +0000 #1
While everyone is dazzled by the best player, Ronaldinho... People forget about the importance of the other players... I for one believe that there are players just as important to the Barca team.

Ronaldinho is by far the best player in the world. No one questions that but one player doesn't make a team. Everyone at Barca loves him including I, he's a fantastic player displaying amazing skills and really gives a plus to the team. Barca wouldn't be as strong if it was without him.

But then again... how many times has Puyol saved Barca from a catastrophic end? Short in comparison to other players but yet always so consistant and inspirational. Fighting for each and every ball and never giving up. Remove him, and the chemistry barca enjoys in defense will fade away.

On the offense, lets talk about the top scorer for Barca. 17 goals already this season and always so consistant. Only yesterday, after having scored a double, he had the opportunity to take a shot on goal and get a hat-trick but he gave the ball to Guily in a wonderfully weighted pass. If not for the exceptionally well made saved by the Vigo keeper, it would have been rewarded with a goal too. Eto'o is a player leading the way forward. While its true to say that Players like Deco and Ronaldinho give me great chances for goal, it takes someone special to actually be able to convert those chances.

Linking the defense to offense, no player in the world does this transition better than Xavi. Most people look that the start and finish but fail to look at the hard work done in the middle. Most don't see the wonderful interception Xavi makes in the middle to quickly find one of the offensive trio and forward the ball to them. His vision and skills are legendary. Truth is, no one comands the midfield better than Xavi. No one makes the transition from defense to offense than him. He is rated as the best midfielder in the world and that is not an understatement. Chelsea offered to match his minimum release clause to sign him but he refused.

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