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Deco returns to squad

BarcaSEL2010-05-08 20:05:47 +0000 #1

Anderson Luis de Souza, Deco, has been named in the Barça squad after two weeks sidelined through injury. The midfielder retuned to normal training on Friday and has been declared fit to appear in this week's list.

Ezquerro, Gabri and Maxi, however, have been left out. Ezquerro and Gabri, despite playing about twenty minutes each against Panathinaikos, have not been selected for tactical reasons. Although he has been called up, Deco is still carrying protection on his right hand, after a minor operation that was made to take advantage of the fact that he wouldn't be playing anyway. The return of the ex-Oporto star to first team duty comes as a welcome reward: "I have worked hard to get fit again as quickly as possible. Football is my life and I need to play. It's important for me to be back with my team-mates. It feels like being named to play for Barça for the first time."

Getafe no easy match

The Barcelona midfield is aware that this Sunday's game will be no easy affair (21:00, C+): "Getafe is a place we found difficult last year. We won but it was hard. But I'm feeling optimistic because the team is on excellent form and keen to keep on playing well and winning."

Euphoria, luck and the Champions League

Deco comments that "there is no feeling of euphoria in the dressing room", despite the way things are going so well, with fantastic results both at home and in Europe: "There is none. The euphoria is generated by the people around us, not ourselves."

The Portuguese passport holding Brazilian also explained that one of the keys to the great results Rijkaard's team is getting is good fortune, because in his opinion "we are starting to win now and that is very important for our morale".

He also spoke about a hypothetical Champions League final between Barcelona and Chelsea. Deco says he would love the opportunity to get revenge on last year's defeat: "We want to get to the final, and if it's against Chelsea, then so much the better. Last year we were beaten in a game we deserved to win."


Will be starting on the bench i would have thought, great to see him back, in my opinion he is a key player for us, hopefully he will be back to full fitness for the Madrid game

r0naldo4life2010-05-08 20:21:23 +0000 #2
would be a gr8 clash if barca take on chelsea



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