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ronaldinho gaucho playing futsal in his early days (12 y.0.)

firebirdgto2010-05-09 00:07:44 +0000 #1
check this video of Ronaldinho Playing Futsal in his 12 years old in Brazil.

fcbarcaboy2010-05-09 00:23:34 +0000 #2
yeah and bid 5000 dollars for the video lol?
Nekogonet2010-05-09 00:20:59 +0000 #3
Dear Ronaldino, one of the greatest football players of the world:

Many warm helloes and best wishes from your finest fans from Armenia. Each of your matches and manipulation with the ball fills my family and me with thrill and excitement. Since you are our ideal, we wont to found a sports school in our town and name it after you we also want to pt your statue in front of the school, A you don't mend, of course Besides, am also planning to issuer football lottery tickets will your name and picture printed on them dedicated do the coming football


that veils be held in Germany in 2006 The tickets will be sold in all the sixteen countries that will take part in the championship.

Jo put all these plans into execution e' need you support, especially the financial one. Of course, it doesn't mean that e' all the money from you, e' will make my part of the investment in that project. E' m sending you the picture of the school building in which will be situated the office of the lottery tickets equipped with height-tech facilities . I all be lolling forward to discussing all these plans with you face to face, if you get interested in them.

For this purpose el have opened a special bank account in one of the banks in our town. If' s worth mentioning that our town Artik is in the zone of disaster, the terrible earth quake of 1988 that book away millions of peoples lives. The sports school will contribute to the development of different sports, football in particular, in our region.

Here are the bank address and the bank account number:

4 Bagramyan street, Artik,

Shirak Marz, Armenia, 377610,

Artshin Inwest Bank.

Bank account number; 247040000116.

I' m also sending you my home address and the telephone number:

Apt. 1, 32 Ankakhoutyan street,

Artik, Shirak Marz, Armenia, 377610.

Telephone number : /S74-44/ 5-55-00

Haik Mnatsakanyan.

The money el lack for the realization of this project is equal to 300.000$ (three hundred thousand US dollars).

All the actions are organized and carried out by me in the frames of law and international license.

I do hope that you will take an interest in this project and support us to realize it. In time. In this way you will make a great contribution to the sports and cultural development of Armenia.

Upon receiving the money I' 11 arrange to meet you to discuss further actions in person.

Thank you in advance for your time and considerations.

I' m looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Haik Mnatsakanyan.

P.S. I do hope to watch the coming football championship from the stud.




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