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Starting XI next season

homer9662010-05-09 03:53:33 +0000 #1
We gonna rule europe next season with this starting XI


Belletti Puyol Marquez Van Bronckhorst

Xavi Motta

Giuly Larsson Ronaldinho


Not really sure where Deco should play when he arrives maybe Larsson on top and Saviola on the bench and deco as an attacking midfielder.

Team is getting into good shape now when we are kicking all old / expensive dutchmen out. Wont miss em a bit. Let Rustu go to.
doggy dogg2010-05-09 04:09:13 +0000 #2
for the way the season is structured now, i think we should be looking more at the whole squad rather the starting 11. few years back the strength of the team was measured by its "ideal" starting 11. but now each team plays so many freaking games that for most of the season u know u not gona have that exact 11 on field. ask Real

for a team to do well they need around 22-25 players that all can play and contribute.

having said that, yes that is a great team. with lots of attacking ability. and dont diss our dutch players please. good luck to them
DA_BHOY2010-05-09 04:40:30 +0000 #3
With your starting XI, I feel a 4-4-2 formation is needed, Larsson needs a strike partner, not someone of Saviola's mould. I can't see Motta starting if you sign Deco.
david172010-05-09 05:07:08 +0000 #4
deco should take motta's position. also larsson should be up front.

maybe saviola and larsson upfront with ron behind and guily as mid ? btw wheres davids ?
r9mania2010-05-09 05:40:53 +0000 #5
------------------ Valdes ------------------------

Belletti --- Puyol ---- Marquez --- Bronkhorst

----------- Xavi -------- E.Davids --------------

--- Giully ------ Ronaldinho ------ Deco -----

------------------ Larsson ---------------------
david172010-05-09 05:54:54 +0000 #6
ya its good, maybe swap deco with ronaldinho since deco can't play left (i think) also switch between larsson and saviola from time 2 time.



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