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new to these forums.....

Barca_fan1012010-05-09 03:33:10 +0000 #1
Heya new to these forums, but hopefully, I will have a chance to come here often....let me tell everyone a little bit about 16 and live in kansas city, kansas.....i love soccer....and play it everyday on a highly competitive level.....i was always an avid fan of euro soccer....i watched it when i could, but i enjoyed it.....but this summer, my family and i where on the east coast(Delaware) and had seen in the newspaper that Barca and milan where playing in washington DC.....we decided to take the 3 hour trip down to the capital and see the game....we got there about 5 hours before game time and where able to get awesome seats to the game....we got there and watched the players warm-up, and then the was incredible!!! since then i have been a fan of barcelona!

btw...for those that dont know....they won 2-0
KUBALA2010-05-09 03:43:57 +0000 #2
How are you doing, I hope you stay a Barcelona fan forever. I'm 21, live in England, born in Spain, been a Barca fan since the age of 4, when Lineker joined after the 1986 world cup. Whether we win or lose, life is never boring!



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