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What about this new Barça

Barceloní2010-05-09 02:14:42 +0000 #1
Well, I like soccer as a game and I think that's all soccer must be, just a game. I saw barça alot of times, and I think that this year starts as a nice team and it reminds me the Barça that this always must be.

Barça played so good vs Milan in USA, and He started the match vs Manchester United but at last of the match they looked tired. I think our team play to long and, not like Manchester United cuz they made the apropiate changes.

What about Kluivert? I dont think he play good, He fails alot of goals whan he must get it in!! Kluivert must stay at home and leave Barça win changin' him for another better player. Kluivert u sux.

Nice Jorquera, u are a nice player! I think ull get what u want

Ets un bon porter, espero que entris en el primer equip!



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