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BLAUGRANA2010-05-09 03:16:15 +0000 #1
My position as the moderator of the Barca board has come into question from a WSB member. Below you will find a copy of the Private Messages we sent to one another. I will gladly step down if everyone thinks the board would be better served without me as the moderator. Feel free to post whatever you like, PM myself or even contact Omar if you feel so obliged. Here are the PM's in the order they occurred:


10 wrote on 09-29-2002 02:59 AM:


You just can't admit that you were wrong about Vicente and Folish about Mendieta and you can't find it inyourself to admit I was right about alot of things as fantasy eclipsed with reality yesterday.............and you only want to hear what you believe or read since you don't see the games and you don't respect any one else's opinion and for a moderator thats really poor......face it Barca is in a downward spiral and you are just too foolhardy to admit we need bucking up .........................whatever are dissapionting as a moderator and as a barca fan learn to ess where we falter and lack push instead of blindly following............................



AZULGRANA wrote on 09-29-2002 10:42 PM:


This is absolutely ridiculous. For starters, you may want to actually read my posts in their entirety more than once as you obvioulsy can't understand them. For starters, I highly doubt that Barca will ever get Vicente, but never say never. Barca are a huge club and if they had the cash, Valencia could be tempted to sell. I doubt it will ever happen, but this is football so never say never. About Mendieta, you are the fool. Everyone agrees with me. While that doesn't make me right, many of their opinions are much more realistic than yours. I don't have to defend Mendieta because his achievements speak for themselves as Juanele pointed out. And now you're bringing up yesterday's game? How pathetic. You'll probably bring up the same crap after every game. Besides, I never said Barca weren't struggling. I just know that your unrealistic transfer ideas will never come to fruition, and so does everyone else. However, as usual you either don't read my posts or can't, and based on this PM and your responses I'd say that the latter is more likely. As for respecting anyone else's opinion, I respect everyone else's on the Barca board. Just because I disagree with you doesn't mean that I don't respect your opinion or anyone else's. I just don't complete agree with you. What? You don't think I want Chivu, Joaquin, Samuel, etc to come to Barca? I've been posting about Chivu and Joaquin long before you ever showed up. Go ahead and read the threads about transfers and rumours and look, I've posted about them many times. As for moderator duties and how i've thus far fulfilled, go ahead and post a poll as to how i'm doing. Better yet, go and PM Omar if you like. I have nothing to be ashamed of. Finally, as I stated earlier I do think Barca are struggling right now and would like to see some changes. As to what those changes should be or how proposed changes could be implemented is where we disagree. You'd have Barca spend some 100's of millions of euros on players when they are some 120 million euros in debt! Even if they did sell real estate, the #'s you've given still wouldn't clear up our debts. You want an example of how little we have to spend? Well here you go. We still haven't paid the full 7 million pounds we owe River Plate for Riquelme!!! That's about 3.5 million pounds, that's it! If we can't pay ONE small 7 million pound transfer fee while it's our only transfer of the summer, where on earth do you think we'll get the cash to spend on the likes of Chivu, Joaquin, Samuel and whoever else you've listed? That's all I have to say. I apologize if my disagreeing with you upsets you or bothers you. I thought this forum was for open discussion to share our views and thoughts. Go ahead and start a thread asking if I should be removed as moderator of the Barca forum. I'll gladly step down if that is what the outcome of the vote suggests.



10 wrote on 09-29-2002 05:33 PM:


If you are barca moderator thats what you are step down if you like I won't squabble over such petty issues I am saying that you don't respect my opionion because I chose not to like Mendieta whilest every 1 else likes him so what???He ,lile Ronaldo lacks class as he walked out on his club because of trival reasons whilest everyone else stayed and prospered at VAL he strugled and his play does not inspire confidence and you all hope he hits form again whilest in form players like Rommeback are benched for a player with little loyalty who flases in and out of the game???come on........

Barca are also not jugded by opionion but by thier performances on the field and is only pathetic that no one seems to want to reconize that Barca beat small teams like Brugge and were acclaimed but lose to thier first tough challenge and now every1 but me sits quiet ....why not judge barca about thier performances on the field good or bad rather than the accomplishments of thier players of the past???Pathetic, no dear sir critisim well deserved because the only people impressed this season thus far are the fool hardy if they think galatasary and brugge are in a class near Arsenal or Man utd..........

Now as far as unrealistic transfers go ..............EVERONE crave for Joaquin,Samuel and Chivu here and the only thing unrealistic about those transfers are Gasparts lack of fate and empty pockets(70m tranfers packed nou camp-farce) because he squandered funds (by the way Riquelme's fee is gaurented to be paid by weeks end) so all he has to do is sell players who are underperforming like Kluviert (read my new post and you will understand ) who will bring in at least 30m and exchange players like Dani,Gabri all three will be possible and are but you being pesstimistic can't see that as you have no insight and are a total Jackass!

Also this forum was to discuss our views but unfortunatley any1 not going blindly behind the mass consencious are criticized for fantasing whilest our team underperforms,so views are not respected ,not by you mostly as I am branded a fool for disliking Mendi whilest you should ,as a moderator,should be ashamed to range barrages of insults on some1 who speaks out for thier don't even see the games (as you admitted) but comment on how they are played you read isn't always true there are optomist,pestimist and protaganist so how can you possibly question me or moderate anyone when all you know is what you read???You are vagley opionated,stubborn and mostly impotent at running this board so step down if you like cause as far as I see your 2 boards are as boring as heck before I came in and your threads hardly ever catch on so step down if you like........I speak my mind and am open for constructive critisisim on anything but you only want to hear what you think or what you read so until you get any vision to see that we are way behind all the top teams ......Step off pal!



AZULGRANA wrote on 09-29-2002 05:37 PM:


I'm done responding to your insulting PM's. I have just one thing to ask. Would you mind if I posted these PM's on the Barca board?



do what u like I don't care!

Juanele2010-05-09 03:28:50 +0000 #2
Being a moderator of a forum and being a fan of the team are too separate issues. As long as you don't use your position as moderator to abuse the forum (such using racists remarks, generaly be insulting, etc...) I don't see any problems. And so far I haven't seen that from you, Azulgrana. You seem to have done a fair job. Don't let a disagrement with another poster here affect what you do here. If that poster oversteps the bounds and rules that are set up here than act as the moderator and do what you have to do. I don't think you should step down as moderator. However, you might think about adding somebody to help you here in case you are gone for a period of time or other circumstances are involved.
hollowi2010-05-09 03:34:30 +0000 #3
I have the same line as Juanele. Different opinions and being a bad moderator don't have anything to do with each other. If the board is moderated well (as Juanele said, no racism or any else insulting, etc). Moderator is not supposed to have so called best opinion (who's the judge), he's supposed to be fair.
Bier2010-05-09 04:14:55 +0000 #4
Nothing to add ... 10's pm's are simply pathetic and you, Zul, are one of the greatest moderators I've ever met at different boards. No need to worry that crap you recieved by PM. You're not supposed not to have your own opinion as moderator, but to respect the opinion of the others. And you did it all the time I've been here and surely before as well.


soccer fanatic2010-05-09 03:48:55 +0000 #5
I agree with the people who posted above me. You didn`t do anything wrong. You gave him respect and just gave him your point of view. You are allowed to give your opinion and you did, without disrepecting anyone. You acted in an adult way to childish provocations.

No need to step down as a moderator, you are doing an excellent job.
doz2010-05-09 04:06:57 +0000 #6
Well i have to add my backing to keep AZULGRANA as moderator because without him this board would still be the empty graveyard that it was when i first joined WSB but a second moderator should be added to help out as the board is becoming busier and i suggest that it be Bier. AZULGRANA has done a fantastic job and there is absolutely no reason for him to step down.

Now back to the incident. Being a moderator has nothing to do and should have nothing to do with your views on football. People do not have to agree with your statements for you to be seen as a good moderator. I myself am currently involved in a similar although rather more serious incident on the Inter board. If you keep the board well arranged(merging threads) and report any incidents of racism or abuse then you are doing your job. I'm sure that there are people on the Inter board who probably disagree with a lot of my views but i think overall the feeling from them is that i'm doing a good job as mod.

Let me reiterate my view; AZULGRANA, you know you've done a great job and you shouldn't need to heed the advice of others who claim you haven't.
alex_102010-05-09 06:16:39 +0000 #7
AZULGRANA ? i vote for him!after he joined here FCBarcelona board made only good things for this forum
FC Barca112010-05-09 05:57:53 +0000 #8
First off, 10 needs to realize that a lot of us (not including me) have been here for a very very long time. From what i understand, this board used to be extremely inactive until Azul came about.

Secondly, what is this horseshit about fighting amongst fans??? Our passion for our club is what binds us as brothers aiming for the same cause. Undoubtedly, Barca have been in a decline for the past 3 years, but we just have to stay postive and hope that we can do better. This year seems different because we haven't hauled out the current squad and bought a new one. Van Gaal has opted for consistency, and its only the beginning of the season!!!!

Barca lack the funds to make any major transfers as of right now. But who knows, after all, never say never in football right?

I'm sure we are all very intelligent people, and this squabbling is just petty and below us. Reverence to each other's opinions is what generates intelligent and meaningful discussions, and 10, that is something you have to realize. Just because the majority agrees that Mendieta is a class player, and you don't, doesn't mean we're all against anything and everything you say. You're right about Joaquin, he would be a great player, but then again, try to understand what some of us are trying to say. For one thing, he's much too expensive and his loyalty to the club would be very very questionable.

So give this litte argument up. Azulgrana is a great moderator, and like us all, he wishes only for Barcelona to succeed in all fronts.



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