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Derry City FC Vs. Barca

deaglanb2010-05-09 06:30:53 +0000 #1
As you probably already know, Barcelona FC are due to play Derry City FC sometime in July.

We have been assured a first team Barcelona outfit.

Two years ago Real Madrid were entertained at the Brandywell here in derry and enjoyed every minute of it. When barca come to the brandywell the same treatment will be received, you will be warmly welcomed.

Although are stadium doesn't hold quite the same amount of fans as the nou camp,i think you'll find that we are committed fans, although not in the same population as Barca we are as atmospheric and as passionate.

Anyway, looking forward to welcoming a barcelona team to Derry, and hopefully the team enjoy it.

Well done john hume

Watch out for our LIAM COYLE (great player unfortunately suffers from injury problem).

We have had some great teams play at the brandywell including Man Utd, Tottenham Hotspur, Vitesse, Benfica, Real Madrid, Glasgow Celtic, and Man Utd for a second time. (the last three having played in the last two years)

Barcelona is now another name to add to that list...hope you enjoy your time in derry and good luck in your league form.

db. Derry City Fan

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