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Barca's money situation

VivaBarcaInter2010-05-09 02:59:24 +0000 #1
I've been looking up some numbers to determine Barca's financial situation, in regards to selling and buying players. To start with....

If I'm understanding UEFA's information correctly, the unit of currency used on their site is Francs. If that is so, last season we made almost 36 million of them. They have also stated that this season's budget is practically the same as last seasons.

This season, apart from any money we would have made from individual TV and other monies from the qualifiers, we have already made:

6 million for winning all our games.

2.5 millions for just being there.

Another bonus of roughly half a million for basically the same reason as above.

Another 6 million paid out for the matches in the first and second group stages. (I know we haven't technically played the second round but we're there so we'll get the money)

So far our CL campaign will add up to a guaranteed 15 million at least. With 500,000 francs for every win in a group stage, and 250,000 for a draw, we stand to make more point money. Even if we perform badly, the tight group that we are inevitably going to get will probably earn us at least another million.

Adding to this is the fact that the money drain that was Rivaldo is gone (taking his 12 million pounds a year wage with him). Plus Sergi and Aberlardo, 2 more high earners are gone. With 3 of the highest earners gone, and several of the first team squad having been promoted from the B team, I can't see our wage bill being higher than it was last year.

The new Barca people card should be a great money making tool. At even generous estimates (you can make many of your own!), if the roughly 80,000 season ticket holders all bought one of the cheaper cards, we would make more than 1.5 million Euros. I believe this card will lead to us raking in at LEAST 5 million Euros worldwide.

If Barca don't have a lot of free money around, we may not be able to buy anyone during the transfer window without selling someone. But after all this CL and Barca Card money we'll have made, plus the small matter of the 50 MILLION POUNDS (I use the strongest currency anywhere to show the vast sum of cash we will get!) TV contract starting next season, PLUS any money from ticket and merchandise sales, P L U S any domestic money, we should be in a strong financial position for next season at least. The continued re-building of the team under Van Gaal should be helped considerably by these funds.

Strike2010-05-09 03:11:04 +0000 #2
Yes but we are 170 mill. in dept or isn't it?
Juan2010-05-09 03:44:24 +0000 #3
I would like to know more about that TV contract. TV contract numbers have taken a hard fall recently.
bamk95322010-05-09 03:36:54 +0000 #4
Well, I think that Barca have no problem in transfer funds. I dont know many figures but from what I know I think that Barca have no financial problems. Well, because Barca are one of the biggest multi-sport organizations in the world( they have a great basketball, roller hockey, handball, women's football and other teams), funds are coming from all sides for Barca. Also the supporter's card is doing great. At I read that Barca just welcomed their 10 millionth visitor at the Barca Museum so u can imagine how much funds come from that. The wage factor is also true because Rivaldo was REALLY a money drain and the young players now have 5 or 6 times smaller contracts than Rivaldo. Also, Gaspart was saying that Van Gaal can buy any player he wants as their is no fund problem at Barca. Thats a good sign too.

SO i think that Barca are doing great financially!!
VivaBarcaInter2010-05-09 04:37:38 +0000 #5
Well Juan, I got that from a book where the guy was talking about their pulling power. Apparently this deal was decided a season or two ago, with the company giving Barca a £6million "sweetner" per season until the contract began. Plus a clause that prevents this company from giving other Spanish teams (i.e, your lot!) more money.

I know the TV situation hasn't been great in Europe, but it doesn't seem to be as bad in Spain as it's been in Germany and Italy. Plus, the fact that the company (the name escapes me, and the book is loaned out right now) was willing to give the sweetner until it gained the TV rights would suggest that this particular company has plenty of money and is reasonably run.
FCBBarcaAjax2010-05-09 05:09:54 +0000 #6
I think we should sell Rivaldo, when we found out, Luis van Gaal is coming back, so we could earn at least 10milion.

How mouch I know, clubs wont be allowed to have any debt in the future(2008, or something like that), so we shouldnt buy any new players(expencive, but porhaeps try with some younger players, to give them a chance like Ajax gives chance,...

How mouch is real in the debt, I think it´s over 200m,...

In extreme case we could sell Puyol or Kluivert, that are the only players who we could sell.

On other side, we have Louis Enrique, F.De Boer, and some other players, who will soon be too old. And COco would like to go back to psv. Mybe let him go, and we would have some discount with Kežman?
Juan2010-05-09 04:45:33 +0000 #7
Sorry, what did you say?
gnlvagosov2010-05-09 05:08:32 +0000 #8
don't worry guys nothing will happen to Barca like what happened to Fiorentina...



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