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Barça will introduce 30 action plans to grow in size and competitive edge

BLAUGRANA2010-05-09 09:18:21 +0000 #1
An interesting plan from the club. This is from the club's official website:

Futbol Club Barcelona will be putting into motion a package of 30 economic, social and sporting action plans during 2003. As 2002 draws to a close, a year already evaluated by President Joan Gaspart, the director general, Xavier Pérez-Farguell, has announced action plans with the following three objectives:

1. Significant growth in the economic size and strength of the Club.

2. Modernization of the Club's organization, to make it more efficient, dynamic and competitive.

3. Consolidation of the Club's position at the head of the best clubs in the world.

The plans, designed in application of the strategic plan approved by the Board of Directors, together with some already tried out in recent months, include initiatives in the following areas:




new technology (website and information systems)

organization (sporting, training, security and work practices).

Specific initiatives will be announced daily throughout January as from 2nd via information bulletins published on the official web site. The Club's intention is for everyone in the Barcelona family to be fully aware of the Club's management and administrative initiatives. The measures, both big and small, are designed to modernize the Club and contribute to its global expansion.

Xavier Pérez-Farguell has emphasized that "all the organizational and economic improvements which we achieve, will make Barça stronger in the sporting arena, without doubt the greatest aspiration of the Club and the wish of all its fans". The main aim of all the measures is "to make this a winning club".

The Director general said that the management's obligation is to ensure a strategic framework of development in the medium and long term, independently of adverse or favourable short-term conditions. "We cannot run the risk of wasting time and falling behind in any aspect of our activity; on the contrary we have to look ahead and position the Club in the vanguard of its competitive environment".

Xavier Pérez-Farguell stated that the world of professional sport, and of European football in particular, is immersed in a process of profound change. "The old recipes don't apply any more. What's needed is a professional, multidisciplinary, modern and efficient management, oriented to a worldwide marketplace, but at the same time maintaining a closer relationship with its membership, the veritable essence of the Club".

The plans of FC Barcelona are in line with the projects which some of the most important clubs of the G-14 wish to implement. This organization has promoted the setting up of economic mechanisms which guarantee that sporting activity is not compromised by economic instability. Therefore, it is essential "to identify and exploit efficiently all sources of income, both traditional as well as new, within Spain and worldwide; at the same time, priority must be given to investments that bring real competitive advantages".

Pérez-Farguell has promised that the adaptation of FC Barcelona to the new reality will be carried out in a way that retains true to the Club's traditional values. In contrast to the clubs which have converted to private limited companies or which have floated on the stock exchange, Barça will preserve one of the lowest season ticket prices for its 106,000 members in Europe. At the same time, in contrast to other clubs, which have focussed exclusively on one sport, all professional sections of the Club will be strengthened and the multi-sport nature will be maintained.

BLAUGRANA2010-05-09 09:25:20 +0000 #2
It sounds as though they're already under way. Sounds good to me. This sort of thing coupled with international pre-season tours can really boost the club's image and fan base, as well as it's coffers. This from the club's website:

Barca products on sale in 141 countries

FC Barcelona have begun a sales campaign to push branded products in 141 countries around the world.

The campaign is a result of agreements reached with the multinational Nike and pushes Barca into the top group of football clubs as far as commercialisation goes, together with Manchester United and Juventus.

The distribution network will centre on the 58.000 Nike retail outlets as well as other channels in selected countries, such as Japan, where a new deal is expected to be signed in the next few weeks.

The club also intends to expand its product base to include other products such as golfing accessories, watches and interactive CDs.

The sales campaign is being launched within the guidelines of the club's strategic plan to increase its economic activity and to modernize its organizational structure. The global merchandising programme also falls within the plan to internationalise the club in four main areas:


Consolidate the recognition of Barca as a top class brand throughout the world.


Achieve new income sources


Incorporate new Gent del Barca members, encourage the formation of new supporters' clubs and get in touch with additional supporters through new technology


In certain countries, the club will establish new relations through the setting up of footballing schools.

Marketing and Sales manager Esteve Calzada, explained the need for the expansion of the sales network, because: "satellite TV and new technologies have really increased the awareness of the club in a number of countries and created a new market of potential customers for our products in areas which we have not previously exploited. It was very important that we stopped seeing our merchandising as a purely local activity and began working on creating a truly international source of income."

Since July 2002, the number of official producers of Barca brand material has increased by 35% and at the same time there has been a notable increase in quality in all products associated with the club.

Calzada was also pleased with the development of the collaboration with Nike, through the FCB Merchandising company: "the international nature of the project implies a considerable logistic effort in order to open new markets, create dependable and wide ranging distribution networks and satisfy our many new clients' needs. The increase in income for the club will be gradual but exponential."

Calzada also stressed that the suppliers of club products would also see income growth as a result of the expansion into international markets with high potential growth.
soccer fanatic2010-05-09 09:46:09 +0000 #3
I already have my Barca shirt.

Of Romario, koeman was sold out at the time.

Plans sounds good, it is clear a lot of money can be earned on distrubuting Barca products in many countries, Barca has the world wide name and fans so it is a good move.

I mean, they could have started working more efficient earlier but better late than never right? Plans sound good, lets see if it will work out in practice too.
BLAUGRANA2010-05-09 10:39:21 +0000 #4

Originally posted by soccer fanatic

Plans sound good, lets see if it will work out in practice too.

Yeah. I think they need to do overseas tours and get the team on television to other parts of the world. Simply offering the shirts won't do it. Also, promote the club's official website (along with Gent Del Barca).
FCBBarcaAjax2010-05-09 09:32:14 +0000 #5
Whats Gent del Barca? Some sort of credit card?

Barcelona is love so mouch, because it is a symbolj of rebellion, of potesting, or least was. Mybe you could sell more t-shirts this way, but you will loose some percent of fans. I wold like to have a barca t-shirt, but if iz gets too comercialize, it wount be good.

But is the truth we need the money.
Juan2010-05-09 10:26:36 +0000 #6
About time you did that! In my opinion, Barça is the most marketable name in football.
BLAUGRANA2010-05-09 10:35:32 +0000 #7

Originally posted by FCBBarcaAjax

Whats Gent del Barca? Some sort of credit card?

I wold like to have a barca t-shirt, but if iz gets too comercialize, it wount be good.

Gent del Barca is a sort of membership program. You're not really a full blown member, but you're sorta a member. It's kind of like a fan club with benefits. Just click on the link in my signature

and you can read more about it. Hell, you should just sign up!!!

I don't fear commercialization. If became the next Man Utd around the world, it wouldn't bother me so long as the history and traditions of the club remained in tact.
relejado2010-05-09 12:24:54 +0000 #8

Originally posted by AZULGRANA

Just click on the link in my signature

and you can read more about it. Hell, you should just sign up!!!

i really want to sign up, but I still have to insert a 'viscal ID' which i don't have or at least i don't know...what can i do ??



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