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Ruud Van Nistelrooy Thread

Lance Knight2010-05-09 08:26:27 +0000 #1
well he is doing alot better than ronaldo ever did, i think even a slight rotation between him and ronaldo would affect the rest of the side too much

Van Nistelrooy: I can play with Real Madrid pal Ronaldo

September 28, 2006

Real Madrid striker Ruud van Nistelrooy insists he can play with Ronaldo.

There's concern the two are far too similar to play in the same team, but Van Nistelrooy says: "Clearly it is possible because Ronie is a great forward, but we should not forget that in the team there are many forwards like Robinho, Cassano or Reyes. For the team, it is a great advantage to be able to count on so many options in attack.

"In Manchester I played mostly with Scholes behind me, but in Holland with three forwards. I can adjust to the chosen system although I am a typical centre-forward, so I like to play in the most advanced position possible."
Lance Knight2010-05-09 08:32:44 +0000 #2
New Dad Ruud: It's been a spectacular 24 hours

September 27, 2006

Ruud van Nistelrooy described yesterday as "spectacular" after scoring twice in Real Madrid's 5-1 thumping of Dynamo Moscow and also seeing the birth of his daughter.

"It was a spectacular day because I have had a girl (Moa) and I have been unable to sleep all night, but I am very happy by how things have gone," said Van Nistelrooy.

"I can't believe everything that has happened to me in the last hours. After being at the birth, I have rushed to join my teammates. The victory is important, although we still have four games left and need to continue winning.

"That Ronaldo returns to the team is very good for all because he is excellent."
Leon of Silvren2010-05-09 09:01:39 +0000 #3
Ruud is doing great, better than I have thought in the beggining, now with R9 back I'm very curious to see if the can complement each other and become a deadly couple.....for our's and the team's sake let's all hope so.....
Lance Knight2010-05-09 08:52:02 +0000 #4
nah leon u dreaming too much, it makes no sense to have both roanldo and RVN on the pitch at the same time. they are too simular, if anything they would have to fight each other to start but i wont be surprised to see them both on if we up a goal or two.
Leon of Silvren2010-05-09 10:19:23 +0000 #5
I think they could play well, they're not similar, just the position they play! Both do a lot of runs without the ball, but Ruud having better instinct and positioning, while Ronnie is better with the ball on his feet.....
Lance Knight2010-05-09 09:49:51 +0000 #6
true but to me the only way a guy like ronnie would be usefull is if we dominating with alot of ball possesion upfront, which real almost never has
Lance Knight2010-05-09 10:24:42 +0000 #7
Real Madrid's Van Nistelrooy delighted with "incredible" 4-goal haul

November 13, 2006

Ruud van Nistelrooy was delighted with his four-goal haul for Real Madrid in last night's 4-1 win at Osasuna.

"Yes, I have scored four once before, two years ago in the Champions League against Sparta Prague," said the former Manchester United striker.

"But today was a unique day, because from four or five chances I scored four goals and that is difficult.

"All the chances came to me and I was able to take advantage. These things don't happen often. It was incredible."

Van Nistelrooy's four-goal performance came at the expense of former United teammate Ricardo, who was between the posts for Osasuna last night.

"On the field I do not have friends but off it Ricardo is a great person. He is a great friend. I changed shirts with him. But I did not take the ball for me because it is a detail without importance."
Lance Knight2010-05-09 09:12:49 +0000 #8
Real Madrid president tells Van Nistelrooy: You're our key man

November 14, 2006

Real Madrid powerbrokers Ramon Calderon and Pedja Mijatovic are convinced their capture of Ruud van Nistelrooy in the summer was the most important signing made by a Spanish club this season.

Both men were delighted with Van Nistelrooy's stunning four-goal performance at Osasuna on Sunday and Mijatovic said: "It was the perfect game from a centre-forward.

"The only thing missing was a goal with his head. But he managed to show his finishing ability from every angle."

Waiting at the airport yesterday morning for the squad's return was Calderon, who made a beeline for Van Nistelrooy and told the Dutchman: "It was a fantastic game. You are now the key player for the team and I thank you for it. You know that I trust you a lot and I feel proud of everything that you are doing."



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