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Should Pellegrini be sacked?

Musicá2010-05-09 06:29:27 +0000 #1
The Chilean coach was brought in because of his tactical abilities from the sideline, but things have not gone as all the Madridistas expected.

He worked wonders at Villareal, but some might argue that he's not suited for a team with so many world-class players.

So, should we sack him and look for a new coach?
Musicá2010-05-09 06:40:34 +0000 #2
I voted No.

I think we should give him the whole season to see his full capability.
Finaslan2010-05-09 06:41:03 +0000 #3
Don't believe you should, but I think he will be at Madrid after this season anymore.
Andygers2010-05-09 06:39:42 +0000 #4
Real Madrid would probably rule the galaxy if they actually stuck with a manager.

Look at Sir Alex Ferguson, if he were at Madrid he would have been out of the door after a year or two.

Keep Pellegrini.
Snake2010-05-09 08:19:42 +0000 #5
No, I will post my reasons later



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