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Real Madrid vs Depotivo

RealMadrid43v3r2010-05-09 07:39:30 +0000 #1
First half was alright but second was pretty bad.

Also i want to see Huntelaar play! damn it, bench Raul at least ONCE Ramos wtf. Every weekend i want to see Huntelaar but instead i see the same damn line up every single time.

Lass is doing really well! i didnt think he would be but he is a really good signing.

I read Drenthe's comments lol kinda sad but hey he needs to improve asap.

Also, i think that our players....well that once that are not used often should play with Castilla to keep up their form like other top teams do with their reserve team. Im sure players like Drenthe can retain their confidence if they play with Castilla whenever they're not included on the list and then be ready whenever we need them.
Raul_Madrid#72010-05-09 07:46:18 +0000 #2
higuain should of been beched, not raul. anyway... MOTM was robben again. Without him we got no attack. Lassana was pretty good too.
Ify2010-05-09 08:28:18 +0000 #3
Well overall it was a good game, but the last 20 minutes were a bit nervy. Real should have capitalised on their chances, particularly the late ones that Robben and Van Der Vaart had.

I would also like to see more of Huntelaar. He needs to get experience in La Liga, and bringing him on for 20mins a game isn't enough. I thought substituting Higuain AND Raul was a stupid decision, especially when you bring on Drenthe to replace a striker. Why have Huntelaar playing in strike by himself? Raul contributes more to the team than Higuain, and it for that reason I would rather see Huntelaar on for Higuain as a starter. But it would also be a good idea resting Raul every now and again so that Huntelaar and Higuain can play with each other - the future strike force!

Robben was great again, but he was greedy when he shouldn't have been and selfless when he shouldn't have been

Shame about Drenthe, slipping and falling when he had a good opportunity to cross the ball into the box didn't do him any good. Normally he comes on as a great substitute. He has a lot of energy and passion. He only got booed because he replaced Raul.

Sneijder needs to get back to fitness, he gets tires very quickly and his shots are pretty tame. I'd like to see Sneijder, Van Der Vaart and Robben play together with Diarra in midfield. Robben and VDV on the wings, allowing Sneijder to be more creative in the centre.

Our defence is improving, especially Cannavaro who isn't making the silly mistake he used to. Ramos and Heinze are back to their best. Pepe needs to watch his tackling, he is too overbearing sometimes and gives away silly freekicks.

and Casillas made a great save when he was called into action
RealMadrid43v3r2010-05-09 08:13:25 +0000 #4
LOL Higuain DID come out for Huntelaar

The subs Ramos made where the ones i had in mind since i saw Drenthe warming up with Huntelaar so it went like this




Higuain didnt do well either so he shouldnt be in the starting line up next game, if he is then thats major bs.

As far as Raul, he has SOMe good game and SOME are pretty damn bad. We need players who should ALWAYS do well.

Sneijder is not doing well and is not the 1st game this is happening, this just proves Ramos is an idiot for having to use players who are not in form.
Calif2010-05-09 09:14:35 +0000 #5
dude you can't just bench a player for a bad game not higuain..
RealMadrid43v3r2010-05-09 09:08:45 +0000 #6
Higuain and Raul have been playing in the starting line up for so many games in a row. It's time for rotations thats why i want Higuain or Raul out

hell raul should get injured, thats how bad i want huntelaar to play
Calif2010-05-09 09:52:14 +0000 #7
I don't know I was having a discussion the other day and Raul should just call it quits is not that he is a bad player but It seems like he calls the shots in RM as matter of fact he calls the shots there a lot of players have said that! So I guess is up to him who lines up each game...
RealMadrid43v3r2010-05-09 10:36:18 +0000 #8
It seems like it since every single coach will put him in the starting line up whether he does well or not.



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