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Real Madrid Vs Juventus (UCL 80/09, R.4 Gp.H): Match Thread*VIDEO*

ReMad2010-05-09 09:42:37 +0000 #1
Real Madrid Vs Juventus

UCL 80/09, R.4 Gp.H

Santiago Bernabue Stadium

Pre-Match Clip

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1st goal for Juve by Del Piero 17'

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2nd goal for Juve by Del Piero great free kick 67'

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Ramos chance 24'

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v.Nistelrooy shot 37'

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Del Piero chance 87'

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Elia.A.2010-05-09 09:58:44 +0000 #2
actually we dominated, and Juve played from the defence, and good game by Del Piero, second goal is a Cassilas mistake, he horribly have put the wall, right infront of the middle of the goal, and del piero like a reasonable man and player hit the ball in an open and nearest corner, silly and stupid mistake by cassilas, if he will perform the way he did today he won't win the golden ball. But though the plenty of chances, plenty.

Didn't like the line-up by Schuster, he should've played Rafa and higuain from the first minutes, Nistelroy was absent on the field, it seemed like we had 10 man not 11.

And of course horrible judging, referee should've spotted twice....well many mistakes by the ref... I would've never let him judge again.....

0:2 depressed

: worried:



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