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I'm leaving - Carlos

rajab19882010-05-09 12:52:14 +0000 #1
Roberto Carlos suggested that he would end his Realmadrid Career at the end of the current Season.

Here is a part from the article I found early this morning :

The Brazilian star will now embark on a fresh challenge after deciding not to renew his contract this summer

He told Marca: "I'm not going to renew my contract. I think the moment has come for me to put an end to my time at the club and leave them to start a new project.

"I'm sure about it. My time at Real Madrid has ended. After three years without winning anything I had to take a decision.

"I don't know whether I will continue in Europe or maybe I need to be back in Brazil close to my family."

He added: "My departure will help the youngsters like Marcelo and Miguel Torres.

"They are the future and have to be given a chance to develop. I have to look for motivation in another team, another country, another place."

The source and the article could be found here :

Realmadrid News :

GALACTICO2010-05-09 12:55:25 +0000 #2
Yeah, I heard as well. Im glad we had his best years but you've got to let nature take it's coarse. He's getting old and abviously cant recover as quick as before. It's time to give room to the youngns. WE'LL MISS YOU AND YOUR MILLION DOLLAR LEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bosanac2010-05-09 13:16:41 +0000 #3
He should come to Fenerbahce

We're offering him lots of money
Mtroyo2010-05-09 13:23:39 +0000 #4
im guessing rajab is the creator of that website?if its yours then stick with it and update it and it should do pretty well..i know ill be checking it out!


...i hate to see a great player go
rajab19882010-05-09 13:44:23 +0000 #5
Mtroyo , Yep I'm the creator of that site , but SFN is rocking
Farrukh_REAL2010-05-09 14:35:08 +0000 #6
A True legend departing from Real Madrid. Very sad to here, he still is a great defender but everyones time comes to leave .

Most probably Metzelder will replace him because he is ready for a move to Real!
GALACTICO2010-05-09 14:44:26 +0000 #7
No, I think it's Marcelo the best candidate. Although, I would like to see a good back up. Someone with experience that can cover the hole when Marcelo is not showing good stuff.
rajab19882010-05-09 15:02:14 +0000 #8
On contrary I think Marcelo could do the Job , but he has to get his chance , as he is n't lucky yet to make the starting squad , however , Realmadrid still need a man besides Cannvaro , a man like Matterazi , John Terry , Gallas ...etc



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