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Make-or-break time Raul

Lance Knight2010-05-09 13:26:12 +0000 #1
Mijatovic admits make-or-break time Raul

September 15, 2006

Real Madrid sports chief Predrag Mijatovic accepts Raul is struggling for form.

The Spanish striker was again taken off by coach Fabio Capello in this week's defeat at Lyon and Mijatovic said last night: "We must accept Raul is not in form. We have to consider that the last three years have been very hard for Raul, as they have for all the team, and it is true that he has dropped a level, just as what has happened to other players.

"He starts games because Capello believes in him. Raul has changed much in this preseason. He is excited again, with desire to please, to do things well. He works in training in an exemplary way.

"As sport director, my diagnosis is that this year it will be fundamental to know where we really are as far as Raul. If he can return to his best, or..."
Lance Knight2010-05-09 13:35:14 +0000 #2
i totally agree, raul is like my boy, but seriously dude, u got to regain some form
RaulMadrid72010-05-09 13:47:18 +0000 #3
WE need a solid team, the blame is always on Raul.

When he was at his best was when the team had a Championship winnign team.
Lance Knight2010-05-09 14:49:07 +0000 #4
coould to see u back bro

anyway let them say whatever now with his performance yesterday.

plus look they booing emerson, now, but in truth emerson was never anything special


Real Madrid coach Capello defends Raul

September 17, 2006

Real Madrid coach Fabio Capello has defended the performances of Raul in the early weeks of the season.

"It seems that here the name of the day always is Raul. I do not understand why everybody is talking about Raul. For me, he is playing well, he moves a lot, he runs, he has had opportunities," said Capello.

"He is doing good work and he is playing good games. He is ten years older and the goal sense he has always had will return."
juanca2010-05-09 14:34:13 +0000 #5

one of the biggest clubs in the world.

with the money they spend, not only team officials, but MORE importantly, the FANS expect results.

when they dont get them, there quick to blame anyone.

first it was ronaldo, now its raul.

it isnt the forwards fault, they arent peles or maradonas, they need balls given to em...
Lance Knight2010-05-09 14:43:54 +0000 #6
well he's back and better than ever

the lean....

the mean........

the goal scoring machine.......


Real Madrid's Raul defiant: Best I've been in 10 years

September 26, 2006

Real Madrid striker Raul says he's playing as well as he has been for ten years.

Coach Fabio Capello insists all Raul needs is a goal to spark his form, but the striker insists he's already playing as well as he ever has in a Real shirt.

"I believe that I have already found that spark, I believe that I have been far better than I have for ten years in that sense," said Raul.

"But even if I do score, I believe the debate and controversy around me will continue."

He added: "I am very calm and happy for being in Madrid."
Elia.A.2010-05-09 15:41:19 +0000 #7
Well finaly he made it...hope he'll continue



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