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Carta al Milan ?!?

Boko2010-05-09 16:36:46 +0000 #1

Enviada por el Presidente del Real Madrid a Adriano Galliani

Querido Sr. Galliani:

Hemos leído con gran sorpresa y extrañeza su entrevista en el Diario Marca. Estamos absolutamente seguros de que se trata de un clamoroso malentendido, ya que entre nuestros clubes, históricamente, ha existido una gran relación y nuestra voluntad es que esto siga siendo así. Siempre hemos tenido el máximo respeto a la gloriosa historia de su club, por lo que nos gustaría mucho que escribiera una misiva aclarando este asunto. Con la esperanza de que lo antes posible, y de la mejor manera posible, se restituya el clima de cordialidad que siempre ha habido entre los dos clubes, reciba un cordial saludo.

Fdo.: Don Ramón Calderón Ramos, Presidente del Real Madrid C.F

Can someone translate it for me please. I think it's somenthing in respond to this one:


AC Milan chief Galliani declares "war" on Real Madrid - July 27, 2006

AC Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani has slammed Real Madrid over their continued pursuit of midfielder Kaka.

"Real Madrid have been one of the greatest clubs in the world, but we are now furious with them," said Galliani in an interview with the Marca newspaper.

"Please feel free to write that Milan declares war on Real Madrid and will do everything it can to make their life difficult.

"As we have been repeating for the past month, Kaka will not leave Milan, but let me add that even if he were to leave, he would not go to Real.

"No one from this team is willing to start any negotiations with them, this is not the way great clubs work together."

but the curiosity is killing me, so if someone can... 10x in advance

Rafael2010-05-09 16:43:02 +0000 #2
basically, calderon is saying that he was very surprised when he read galliani's interview in "marca". he says that real and milan had a great relationship throughout the history of this respective clubs and that he wishes to keep this tradition. also, calderon hopes that a better and a more appropriate climate between these two clubs will soon be restored...

well, that's it, more or less. hopefully, i didn't mess up this translation. feel free to correct me...
Rafael2010-05-09 17:10:55 +0000 #3
galliani said that, after receiving calderon's message, he decided to accept madrid's peace offer. after all, why wouldn't two of the biggest clubs in europe respect each other but he still insists that real won't be getting kaka...
Boko2010-05-09 17:23:56 +0000 #4
Peace is too much from my point of view but who may want war with Real, he must be crazy. However the important thing here is Kaka so I hope he will wear the white shirt this season (not that with the "Opel" sign on the chest )
Rafael2010-05-09 17:15:37 +0000 #5
couldn't agree with you more, ***o!



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