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Arsenal VS Real Madrid - Wednesday 8th - The Rematch

r0naldo4life2010-05-09 16:07:07 +0000 #1
alrite then..

its gonna be one hell of a show down

my ideal line up would be a 4-4-2 formation with ronaldo and cassano upfront

zidane left wing beckham rite wing and sergio ramos/diogo ( both very fast players who know how to attack ) and guti in central midfield

the back four who knows.. carlos and cicinho maybe salgado? mejia ( quite quick player ) and helguera ( experience ) in the middle..

anyway.. gonna be very nice game. i think we can take them if we manage to score early which would open the game up very much ..

so far i think arsenal will play us like they did in bernabeau playing on the counter attack..

this time even more reason to defend.. if we play like we did last time its not a question of will we win or not.. itll be a question of how many will henry slot in this time..

well then. cassano coming off a great game would be a MUST if u ask me.. and ronaldo alongside him.. we've rarely seen that pair ..

ok ok .. ur turn.. say what u got about this game..
Elia.A.2010-05-09 16:14:07 +0000 #2
...we are goin' 2 win it...

whenever I want something, it comes out just as I want it, I won't b surprised, if my words r correct...

...mark my words...
r0naldo4life2010-05-09 16:51:55 +0000 #3
well, lets hope ur rite.. and mark my words.. if we happen to get past arsenal on wednesday..

the champions league is ours.. unless we face barca.. but im sure some italian team would take them out before we face them..
man u rules2010-05-09 17:12:42 +0000 #4
no way barc rules no stupid italion team will take the out
realmadrid2892010-05-09 16:27:11 +0000 #5
i hope we play the same way as 2003 vs man utd, that gr8 ronaldoz hat-trick, or wen we made good comeback in 2000 with man utd also, (0-0) in BERNABUE (3-2) in old trafold, that game was gr8 and i hope the same thng happen vs arsenal
Maxpayne2010-05-09 16:23:28 +0000 #6
will be a draw guys( i'm not saying that's i'm sure in 100% , my predictios are really bad ). Real is not even seems good as it been before. And as for me i cheer for Arsenal, for many years they wanted to win Cl, and maybe their game doesn't show us that they are a champions they still but they deserve it.

1:1 or 0:0
Leon of Silvren2010-05-09 17:43:11 +0000 #7
Like Casillas said, this is -till now, the most important match of the season....

By our side, I just want to see Ronaldo alongside with Cassano....

And on Arsenal's, Henry biting the dust....
Highway Penguin2010-05-09 18:02:36 +0000 #8
No Ronaldo. I'm tired of him getting a spot in the starting XI just 'cause. When he can come on as a sub and score or do something worth while, then he can start again. Cassano to start upfront by himself, Zizou and Guti behind him, Robinho and Becks on the flanks, with Gravesen holding. Hopefully the line up.

I'm predicting a 2-1 win. Cassano and Zizou.



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