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Beckham: Spiceboy

Leon of Silvren2010-05-09 19:00:12 +0000 #1
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Balance of your first year and first months of the second.

- there is no doubt that I came to Real Madrid because I wanted. It never wanted to regret to me anything. The first six months I played better than in all my life, but then there were two that no, and began the rumors that I wanted to go back to England. Always said that I wanted to stay.

Did you thought it long before coming?

- Real Madrid is a special Club. When the president calls to you, 99% of the times he obtains the player he wants. That moment was special, I have a great time here, although I have not gained anything. To play in front of the fans of the Bernabéu and with these players is very pretty.

During the Eurocup there were declarations in which you said that during the season you had trained little.

- I haven't listened of it, but it has commented in the press. It enchants to me to train as much as to play. I train so much like everyone, after fifteen years in the Manchester I was one of which trained the more. I have only missed two trainings by permission, and one because I was suspended for the match against Monaco.

How goes your Spanish?

- (In Spanish) It's a little better, but it is very difficult for me. I am learning.

To what you own that radical change in your game?

- In soccer sometimes the things happen. I do not know the reason, perhaps I lowered my performance, I was tired. There are no excuses and I do not want to look for them, I prefer to analyze them, to look for solutions and to train very hard.

And why you were so unfortunate in free kicks?

- Uff. It is as I said before, are things that happen. In the past, in the Manchester it scored enough goals, but I always kicked FK there. In Madrid there are many players like Zidane, Figo and Roberto Carlos. The solution is to practice more.

How you explain that after several attempts, Vieira is not player of Real Madrid?

- When a Club tries to sign a player, the soccer player always decides. Vieira is one of the best midfield players in the world. I admire him. If he decides to change of team, he may come to Madrid.

You will continue playing of mid center with Camacho?

- It is the first time that I hear of it. I am glad, would enchant me to be in the starting eleven. Most pleasant thing it has happened to me in this preseason has been to know Camacho. He counts with the respect of the fans and the team. I know that I am going to have to continue working to be a starting.

Sunday you will return to a cursed field for you during the Eurocup. It will be hard?

- I have had good and bad experiences. Sunday, Luis Figo will kick penalties, not I. I have very good memory of Portugal, they were very gentle with us. The past in needed to forget quickly and to watch towards ahead. It pleasant me to play in this team with the new players.

Leon of Silvren2010-05-09 19:14:41 +0000 #2

After the disappointment of the Worldcup of Japan and Korea you obtained triplet with Manchester, hope that this season repeats history?

- I hope that this year is as good as 1999. What it matters more is that we play well and we are happy. The last season was dissapointing because we did not gain any title and Madrid always must win. We enjoyed football and I hope that we gain three titles. The fans have treated me very well in the last years and I hope that it does not change.

Your desires for this season.

- What more satisfaction would give me would be to gain trophies, for that reason I came to Real Madrid. The last year we played football very well, but what it surprised me more it was the response of the fans since I arrived, and that has been, personally, the most important. I hope to be able to continue playing at great level.

People are requesting to Camacho that puts you working hard.

- I do not believe that it is attitude problem, because at this level always is positive. Everybody want to win. I agree, Camacho is listening the fans and it is giving us hard work. We have enjoyed the training, but it has been very hard. We must go to the field and do it well, but in soccer there are things that you cannot control. In the end of the Cup everything began to go badly, and soon with penalti against Valencia to worse. Madrid cannot be two years without gaining nothing.

The first time which you were in Montecastillo was with Manchester, you have found many differences since then?

- There is a very great difference. First it was raining all week. The facilities are very good, people are very friendly and the atmosphere is very positive. They show great support to us and is important, psychically, for players. The training are being very positive. The heat exhausts to us, but it puts to us quickly in form.

What you think when they offer as much money by the ball that picked a fan after your failure in Portugal?

- When things happen therefore you ask yourself if we have become crazy. In my life it does not surprise to me either, because it happens things like that to me often. In Japan they picked underpants of mine and they sold them. The one of the ball seems to me a madness.
Mirko Mandic2010-05-09 19:25:48 +0000 #3

beckham is pure JUNk
david172010-05-09 20:10:47 +0000 #4
good interview, beckham is that that bad
Leon of Silvren2010-05-09 20:51:16 +0000 #5

Originally Posted by Mirko Mandic

beckham is pure JUNk

Good argument there.
GiorgioII2010-05-09 19:59:27 +0000 #6

Originally Posted by Leon of Silvren

Good argument there.

Yea, it was a great response to Leon's 12 paragraphs!!!
Leon of Silvren2010-05-09 19:55:45 +0000 #7

Originally Posted by GiorgioII

Yea, it was a great response to Leon's 12 paragraphs!!!

LOL actually they were 13.
xonic2010-05-09 21:03:16 +0000 #8
Yeah, i think what Becks knows is that Camacho isn't gonna start him

just cuz he can sell jerseys. He'll try to step up his game (i hope).



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