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Lance Knight2010-05-09 18:04:21 +0000 #1

Ronaldo and Zidane at Team's Rhythm; Guti absent

Ater the two hour beating manager Juan Ramón López Caro gave his men on Thursday, the team returned to training for the second to last time before traveling to Mallorca on Saturday. There, the Whites will face Gregorio Manzano's squad on Sunday at 7:00 pm CET. Ronaldo and Zidane trained at the same rhythm as their teammates although the Frenchman abandoned the session several minutes early. Guti was absent for the second consecutive day.

On Thursday, Ronaldo remained apart from the team while he ran laps. Meanwhile, Zidane did train with the team but abandoned López Caro's rigorous workout several minutes early. It was the team's first practice since Tuesday's match against Arsenal. Guti has a strained left quadricep and, therefore, did not participate in any of the training session for the second consecutive day.

The days workout began with a continuous five minute run to loosen up the player's muscles on what was a cold morning at Real Madrid City.

The 17 available men were then divided into three groups to do some piggy-in-the-middle drills and were supervised by López Caro, Juanjo Maqueda and Pau Alberti. Meanwhile, Casillas and Cobeño started their training together with goalkeeper coach Pedro Luis Jaro.

Rapid ball distribution

Then the tactical training began. López Caro handed out bibs and stressed the importance of rapid ball distribution. They were divided into four goups and were instructed to quickly pass the ball beginning from their own areas and ending with a shot on what would be the opponent's goal.

Group 1 (green bibs): Cassano, Ramos, Salgado and Bravo.

Group 2 (orange bibs): Raúl, Cicinho, Zidane, Gravesen and Roberto Carlos.

Group 3 (yellow bibs): Mejía, Ronaldo, Helguera and Robinho.

Group 4 (blue bibs): Baptista, Pavón, Diogo and Beckham.

Thirty minutes after tactical drills, training continued with a six-on-six scrimmage where the players rotated in and out. López Caro's rules were clear: no offsides and no player could keep the ball for more than three seconds. The day ended with Cassano, Raúl and Baptista taking shots on goal with Roberto Carlos, Robinho and Ronaldo crossing passes from the left and Salgado and Beckham from the right.

Gym and field work for the rest

The Valdebebas gym also saw a good amount of attention on Friday. Pablo García, Guti and Woodgate had appointments with the equipment to continue recuperating from their respective injuries while Miñambres took to the pitch. Along with José Luis San Martín, Miñambres did some jogging and various exercises while supervised by the physio. He finished off his day with some ball exercises, showing he's one step closer to being fully recovered.


Diego López: Mild fibrial tear of the anterior rectum of his right leg. Medical and physiotherapeutic treatment. Gym and field work.

Pablo García: Contracture of the anterior rectus muscle of the left leg. Medical and physiotherapeutic treatment. Gym work.

Ronaldo: Left hamstring strain. Practice with team.

Guti Left quadricep strain. Medical and physiotherapeutic treatment. Gym work.

Woodgate: Contracture of left hamstring. Medical and physiotherapeutic treatment.

Zidane: Right knee contusion. Medical and physiotherapeutic treatment.

r0naldo4life2010-05-09 18:12:53 +0000 #2
tehehehe, 3 seconds ago i was reading all that on
azizane2010-05-09 18:41:33 +0000 #3
poor guti always has injuries but still he's playing through them
Feras2010-05-09 19:08:21 +0000 #4
so is Zizou injured or wut?



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