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Ideal Real Madrid Line-ups

r0naldo4life2010-05-09 16:19:15 +0000 #1
alrite guys.. our 4-1-4-1 looks to be working in la liga..

where competition is weak and minimal.. where individual skill plays a huge role..

but we got knocked 1-0 at home to arsenal as most of u know..

where our typical 4-1-4-1 formation failed to give us any result..

so in this thread i'd like everyone to give their ideal madrid line ups and reason why the chose them..

plz no fighting in here about ronaldo VS raul shit.. like u did in other threads..

post ur perfect line up and give ur tactical assesments on how ur formations would work best.

this is mine:

------------------- cassilas -------------------

------ woodgate - helguera - sergio ramos -----

---- cicinho --- gravesen --- roberto carlos ----

---------------- zidane ------------------

--- cassano --- ronaldo ----- robinho ----

ok , explanation now..

real madrid are known for one many things.. one of which is..

being the most offensive team on the planet.. who agrees? good good..

also.. who agrees that our problem not only against arsenal but against everyone is our full backs, carlos/salgado or carlos/cicinho or what ever..

they are always attacking, always up front , always leaving huge gaps in the back.

thats problem one, and my solution to this is, 3 center backs. 3 center backs and 1 defensive midfielder. thats enough to block of almost any attack.

cicinho + carlos love to attack, why? becoz they are good at it.. well.. in the position i placed them they can attack all they want. and also give support to the defence when recieving a attack from another team..

in sao paolo where cicinho used 2 play , thats the position he used 2 play in..

they had a 3-5-2 formation and he used to be one of the 5 in midfield.

both carlos and cicinho are very fast players and can therefore from that position attack and defend without being afraid of the space they are leaving behind. if both of them are attacking. one of them returning to give cover would be enough, coz that way we would have 5 players defending.

alrite.. zidane in the middle ..

our mistake against arsenal was.. that altho our midfield was good, we didnt have anyone upfront to give the ball to, playing a one mad striker ment that everytime ronaldo touched the ball there was atleast 3 players on him before he could move.

we all know that zidane still got it, he's not done yet. he can still control and he can still give that deadly thru ball which splits defences wide open.

with 3 players as targets he has 3 different choices to give to and with the correct off the ball movement from those 3 strikers no defence would stop them. a great position for guti to come on for zidane in.

ok now, our 3 strikers.. cassano or raul , robinho or baptista and thats one hell of a attack force.

they would all have players to help them out when attacking and will rarely find themselves trapped with nothing to do like ronaldo was finding himself during the arsenal game

alrite then i would like to bring ur attention to a very amazing substitution that frank rijkard did during the barca chelsea game. taking our motta and putting on larsson. making larrson the middle striker and moving eto to the left , messi right and ronaldinho as a playmaker in midfield

that was really nice since eto is a fast good player who can dribble, similar to ronaldo.

so i was also thinking that we can do the same by placing ronaldo on the left with baptista or cassano in the middle, this would help becoz we would have ronaldo a bit further back and we can use his good speed and dribbling skills on the left where marking wouldnt be as tight as if he were the lone striker upfront.

wow, alrite then. hope u enjoyed all that..

now its ur turn. lemme see what u guys got.

remember plz, not flaming or fighting or 300 post wars.. atleast not in this thread.

sticky plz ?!

Raulwillbeback2010-05-09 16:35:05 +0000 #2
fine ronaldo4 life, no more flaming on this post, but with ur formation, i am not critising it, but we were out classed in the midfield against arsenal, because we didnt have any pace there. personally i would go back with the formation we used against zaragoza.

------------------- cassilas -------------------

---Salgado--- woodgate - - sergio ramos ---Carlos--

---------------------gravesen ----------------------




I want garcia instead of graveson but he is injuried, that why i picked graveson, i dont really like him because he isnt a defensive midfielder and cant really tackle without knocking the player over.

I know cicinho is our best right back, but only when he attacks, most of the time against arsenal cicinho got us killed. This formation would work well because we know that raul and cassano like to drift, and that cassano likes to switch to the left flank giving robinho the chance to play more centrally. Our 2 strikers will also give the midfield more support because they are our best link up forwards. This would also give zidane more chance to get forward, making the team more unpredictable, while giving our midfielders more space to do things, which they did have against arsenal. Plus if we need more power in our midfield, baptista can always come on, along with guti, who can give us more creativeness. I know some of u might be thinking is guti not playing, well i think, like against arsenal, when he was starting, it would be better if we can have another creative player to come on who the opposition hasnt adapted to playing against, to try doing something, because the more he plays, the more predictable he seems to become, plus his temperment is not very good.



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