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Madrid To Offer Capello Mega Deal

Lance Knight2010-05-09 17:32:16 +0000 #1
Madrid To Offer Capello Mega Deal

20/01/2006 20:04

Real Madrid are preparing to offer Fabio Capello a mega-contract in a bid to tempt him back to take charge at El Bernabéu, despite his announcement that he is staying with Juventus.

Italian newspaper, La Stampa, report that the Spanish giants are ready to give the trainer, that led them to the league title in 1996, around €7.5million-per-year to join them.

Capello's current deal with La Vecchia Signora is worth €3.5million-per-year and the story claims that he would be "understandably tempted" by Madrid's offer.

After stating that he would retire from coaching in 2009, the chance to join Madrid would promise one final pay day for the former Milan and Roma boss.

"Madrid do not look to save money on signings and they have bought the best in the world with players like (Zinedine) Zidane and (David) Beckham and now they are ready to go on the offensive for a trainer with an offer that nobody in Italy would match," La Stampa continued.

Another mitigating factor is that Capello does have a get-out clause in his contract with Juve and Madrid are aware of that and will compensate the club for acticating it, the paper concludes.

Vanderlei Luxemburgo was sacked by the Spanish side last month after a poor start to the season and his replacement, Juan Ramón López Caro, has been handed the reins until the end of the current campaign.

realmadrid2892010-05-09 17:48:56 +0000 #2
i think lopez caro is doing well we dont need any1 now, lets wait then take a serious decision
Elia.A.2010-05-09 17:38:01 +0000 #3
and why did they fire Capello when he was a coach in RM, or why did he leave?
Highway Penguin2010-05-09 17:51:51 +0000 #4
Caro is pulling a Del Bosque, so I'm happy.

-I think he left or was axed because he didn't do well in Europe. Not sure though..
Neo-Reloaded2010-05-09 19:27:11 +0000 #5

Originally Posted by Highway Penguin

Caro is pulling a Del Bosque, so I'm happy.

What do you mean? I know Del Bosque was a Madrid coach, but what did he do exactly?.
Highway Penguin2010-05-09 19:08:34 +0000 #6
Del Bosque came in as a caretaker after Toshack was sacked. He was only suspected to watch the team for less than a couple months, but ended up doing quite well with them. Since he wasn't a high profile coach there wasn't any pressure to impress. I'm very happy with Caro and think he's got the right stategy for our players.

They were also both trainers for the Castilla.
RaulMadrid72010-05-09 19:48:40 +0000 #7
i hate these money attempts at glory.

Our current coach is doing fine, we don't need to go on a spending spree to find exactly what we want, because it won't happen.

Capello is doing amazing at Juve where he has created one of the best clubs in the world Currently. And money shouldn't be an issue with Juventus.

Capello has a very strong Italian personality, and I personally see him fit very will in Italy with Juventus.

What we need is a descent MANAGER.
Highway Penguin2010-05-09 20:26:15 +0000 #8
Caro is a decent manager. He's doing a better job than all these high profile coaches/managers/anything-you-want-to-call-them have done. The press builds them up too high and then when they don't do as expected, they're gone. Caro doesn't deal with that nonsense. Neither did Del Bosque. If he gets a chance, he'll prove himself.



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