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New Player or Offload Unperformed Star Player

zzidane2010-05-09 17:50:33 +0000 #1
What should real madrid do????

i think despite they looking for new galactico i prefer they done some post mortem in recent squad

thay have to many midfielder and striker but how about defence. They have only helguera, ramos, woodgate, raul bravo.

in last few year when other team to face real madrid they will feel fear and difficult to beat them but now no body fear them

i think they should search for new talent on each position for the future team not an instant team that we hope to bring title back to real madrid

Are u all agreed that we should field off beckham coz he doesn't have complete player that real madrid needs. he can't tackle, can't dribble and to get pass one player is so hard for him.

can we list or pick any player that perez should done to rebuild real madrid from any club across the world
culooche2010-05-09 18:05:05 +0000 #2
I think your wrong, half of Real Madird's players ARE injured oR out of shape. That is why they are under-performing right now. Beckham is a vital player in Real Madrid and creates many goals, it would be a pity to sell him, but even he, is out of shape. Real will start playing there game, trust me. They only need a quality midfieder, i prefer a young talent.
r0naldo4life2010-05-09 18:00:45 +0000 #3
with ballack we will be unstoppable.
culooche2010-05-09 18:14:23 +0000 #4
Yeah, if they actually play there game, if not, then they'lle still be the same, even if Ballack came to rescue...DON'T FORGET, WE NEED YOUNG TALENTS
Lance Knight2010-05-09 18:34:04 +0000 #5
lol backham cant tackle, girl have u been watching the pass few games, he owned the right flank, and with diogo there helping he hasnt had a problem, out of all his appearenaces this season there was only 2 la liga and 1 CL game that beckham didnt perform.
azizane2010-05-09 20:09:45 +0000 #6
non sense becks has been our best player this season along side with guti , if you want to sell somebody zidane or r.carlos but i would really hate it if i saw one of these two player retiring in another team but we're desprate for fresh young talents, we could give our b team players more chances to play specially that our new coach knows them well
RealMadrilismo2010-05-09 20:41:47 +0000 #7

Originally Posted by r0naldo4life

with ballack we will be unstoppable.

lol nahhhhh
hala_madrid2010-05-09 19:29:47 +0000 #8
beckham has been playing great so far and probably playing one of the hardest. even though hes been playing with back problems.



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