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Rickster2010-05-09 18:47:57 +0000 #1
Well I can see what Lux was trying to do with the real madrid team. but it just wasn't working, why cos i think he was trying to use a brazilian formation with european influenced players to play in the spanish league. why couldn't he just stick with something that is easy and works. i watched the getafe match we were horrible. at times i saw our formation as 4-2-4. sometimes 4-4-2. and becks was all over the pitch like as if he was the playmaker, and roberto carlos was playing like a central player. it just went all wrong. we didnt know who to mark and even our attack we didnt have set positions. ok we have brazilian players, but they have been playing european football for majority of their lives, and then lux wants them to play this creative flair game which our team just isnt suited for. the only player who cant really fit into that 4-2-2-2 is robinho.

I think lux has scrambled the whole club. the players dunt know what they are doing, and it wasnt like before when they knew where their teammates were without looking. also i think for us becks works good in the centre midfield where he can spray the ball to the wings and to the centre forwards, its work many times. and when we get stuck in the attacking midfield becks moves to the right flank to deliver crosses.

why cant we use simple formations? and why cant we just re-employ del bosque for the sake of the the club. perez should be thinking about the success of the club on the pitch and he shouldnt care about the past. just as long as we can get success.



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