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Helguera and Casillas Renew Contracts

btha2010-05-09 20:08:27 +0000 #1

MADRID, Nov 21 (Reuters) - Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas has renewed speculation about his future after saying he had only a 60-percent chance of staying at the Bernabeu at the end of the season.

'Things are the same as they were seven months ago,' he told a news conference on Monday when asked for a progress report about the renewal of his contract which expires at the end of the season.

'I want to stay here and I'm not concerned that I will be able to talk to other clubs in January. I would say there is a 60 percent chance of me staying.'

Spanish media have said that Premiership sides Manchester United and Arsenal are both interested in recruiting the 24-year-old Spanish international.

Casillas, who has been Real's most consistent performer in recent seasons, said the team had been stung by their 3-0 defeat against arch-rivals Barcelona and were determined to bounce back in their Champions League match against Olympique Lyon.

'The players are all hurt by what happened, but the good thing is that we have got another game in two days and that will give us a chance to please the fans.

'We played poorly and Barcelona were clearly the better side, but we were stretched because of injuries and now we have to turn the page and look ahead to the next match.

'The league has really only just started and we can't think that all is lost. It was a hard blow, but maybe it will serve as a turning point in the season.'

Ok this shit isn't funny anymore, he can negoiate a contract with other teams after about 40 days or so, WHAT THE ***K IS PEREZ THINKING?

Give him whatever the ***k he wants, jesus christ, he's the best player on the team.

BarcaSEL2010-05-09 20:10:21 +0000 #2
what you have to realise mate is that one player isnt bigger then the club

casilas should want to stay for the right reasons
RealMadrilismo2010-05-09 20:16:30 +0000 #3
Hmmmm lol maybe we can cash in big with him or something lol...

Diego Lopez seems to be a good keaper. On the RM Tour 2005 when they played thailand all stars, wow he saved eveything! one of ones everything hes good maybe better or just as good as casillas....

anyway casillas should stay!
btha2010-05-09 20:49:02 +0000 #4

Originally Posted by BarcaSEL

what you have to realise mate is that one player isnt bigger then the club

casilas should want to stay for the right reasons

He DOES want to stay, but stupid perez is playing some stupid mind games with him and not offering him a new contract, i don't know what the ***k he's thinking..
Lance Knight2010-05-09 20:52:05 +0000 #5
Real keeper Casillas commits to new contract

Spain goalkeeper Iker Casillas has signed a new Real Madrid contract which ties him to the Bernabeu until 2011.

His previous deal was due to expire in June next year and Casillas had been linked with a number of clubs, including Arsenal, Manchester United and Madrid's rivals Barcelona.

But the 24-year-old was happy to commit his future to Madrid and hopes to build on his record of two Primera Liga crowns and two Champions League titles.

'For a couple of months I have been saying my wish is to remain here,' Casillas told the club's official website. 'I have never thought of any other club.

'I want to thank Madrid and give back titles, success and hard work, the same support they have given me. I want to be here for a long, long time.

'I haven't listened to any other offers. I grew up in Madrid and I want to die in Madrid in a sporting sense.

'I'll be here until I'm 30. Let's hope in 2010 we can renew until 2016 or 2017.'
Lance Knight2010-05-09 20:25:24 +0000 #6
yea baby, well i can say i wasnt excepting this, lol
RrrealM2010-05-09 21:16:39 +0000 #7
Finally some good news. Oh... do you know, by any chance, how much does he earn now ?
Highway Penguin2010-05-09 23:30:36 +0000 #8
Not as much as Beckham, I bet.

I'd like to know that as well, to be honest.

Anyways, good to hear. Atleast we'll have a class keeper till then.



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