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Woodgate injured

RealMadrilismo2010-05-09 20:19:17 +0000 #1
he will be out for 4 weeks lol

its on

they all want vacations

he will miss the RM Vs barca
BarcaSEL2010-05-09 20:29:45 +0000 #2
so over rated anyway

you guys wont miss him anyway
r0naldo4life2010-05-09 20:55:38 +0000 #3
well, hopefully helguera will be back by the clash..

ramos n helguera in the back is good enough 4 me
r0naldo4life2010-05-09 20:43:57 +0000 #4
can some1 translate this or tell me what it says..?

it says something about ronaldo..



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