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Villarreal 2009/10 Primera Division Matchday thread

~zero_signal~2010-05-10 00:40:02 +0000 #1
Discuss Villarreal's 2009/10 season in the Primera Division here.
~zero_signal~2010-05-10 00:42:14 +0000 #2
Osasuna 1 - 1 Villarreal

Goals: Cazorla 32 (Villarreal) & Pandiani 37 (Osasuna).
~zero_signal~2010-05-10 01:22:29 +0000 #3
Villarreal 1 - 1 Mallorca

Goals: Rossi 54 (Villarreal) & Borja Valero 74 (Mallorca)

Sometimes in matches like these, hard work isn't enough to get you over the line. Besides Cazorla, Capdevila and Rossi, I'm not sure that Villarreal has the players to give those special individual efforts that will make the difference. Llorente looked very good in the second half of last season, so hopefully that was just a sign of things to come.
~zero_signal~2010-05-10 01:04:32 +0000 #4
Athletic Bilbao 3 - 2 Villarreal

Goals: Llorente 10, 39 (Athletic Bilbao), Cani 48 (Villarreal), Javi Martinez 59 (Athletic Bilbao) & Cazorla 85 (Villarreal)

Bad start to the season, for a club that was doing so well last season to keep up with the big teams, but it's clear that the club doesn't have the necessary world class players to lead and get the team out of trouble. Pellegrini was able to make up for this with his tactical knowledge of the game, but from what the first 3 games have indicated so far, the club looks likely to head back down to the middle of the table (or lower) this season, which is a shame.

I hope I'm wrong, because I want this club to do well. In times where the rich and powerful win everything, it's great to still witness the underdog surprise a few here and there.

Huge game on the 23rd of September at home vs. Pellegrini and Real Madrid.
~zero_signal~2010-05-10 01:09:54 +0000 #5
Villarreal 0 - 2 Real Madrid

Goals: C. Ronaldo 2 & Kaka' 72.

Missed this game, but not too many can say that the result was unexpected.
~zero_signal~2010-05-10 01:37:11 +0000 #6
Villarreal 0 - 0 Espanyol

This result leaves Villarreal in the relegation zone with 3 points from 6 games.
free bet2010-05-10 02:03:49 +0000 #7
u think they may be missing Pelegrini?
~zero_signal~2010-05-10 01:25:32 +0000 #8
Without doubt.



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