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Umit Milli Takimlari (Turkish National Youth Teams) Thread

SiN2010-05-09 20:21:38 +0000 #1
I thought it would be good to keep in touch with our National Youth Teams, we can discuss their results and news here
Fenerliyim2010-05-09 20:23:26 +0000 #2
to my dispair, Lowe has finnaly called Serdar Tasci to the German NT. Serdar already had spoke about his intentions of wanting to play for germany over turkey but i always hoped he would change his mind but unfortuntly we are losing a great prospect for defense, all thnks to the nt scouts who are never able to find these great prospects first.
GalaPagoSaraY2010-05-09 21:11:08 +0000 #3
tbh i think its a stupid choice by Serdar although hes grown up there, considering the level and height of some of the defenders Germany has i doubt he will get more than 15+ national matches in his career, plus hes still in a development phase and looks more like a player that will end up being either a back or defensive midfield player with his age. We could have used him on our team and he could probably ended up being one of the best defenders we ever had and be getting more play time and thus developing more. Just look at Ugur Yildirims choice and even Malik Fathi will probably only see tops 5-10 more national matches in their career
cengo2010-05-09 20:52:28 +0000 #4
To be honest i dont mind at all that turkish players brought up abroad doesnt play for us. It's like going the easy way instead of the hard way. Why should germany educate turksih footballers who sooner or later ends up in the Turkish NT....i think they are doing the right thing by calling them up and preventing them to go to Türkiye.

Instead of educating our own we steal youngsters from abroad....i think it's wrong.

Look at Nuri Sahin...we basically ruined his career. When he still hadnt played for Türkiye he was in the starting line up for Dortmund. Once we made hiom play for Türkiye he wasnt interesting anymore and became a benchplayer for Dortmund. Now he is on loan i think at Feyenoord.
GalaPagoSaraY2010-05-09 20:50:27 +0000 #5
I agree with the fact that we shudnt be taking their players, considering the amount of developing time they use in their club. But in Serdars case, although ive only seen him twice or so he would have a more realistic chance of establishing on the turkish national team rather than just secured to the german team after 1 match for the A side and then pretty much never recalled to the team like the before mentioned players (Ugur,Fathi). On the other hand if he doesnt want to play for the turkish side, he cant really be of use since he rarely would play with his heart or with any feelings whatsoever.

Somehow our own youth development is still bad, all our upcoming youth teams have youngsters from Germany,france or sumthing. Im not sure how many in Turkey are allowed to play football considering the poverty with the exception of Istanbul and somewhat Ankara but i fell like its still a sport thats only allowed for kids of aristrocracy, and those clubs have too many foreigners in them, or turkish players who only perform well 3-4 years of their footballing career
GalaPagoSaraY2010-05-09 22:07:59 +0000 #6
double posting
Fenerliyim2010-05-09 22:29:14 +0000 #7
the u21 nt call-up was released today, here is the team:

1. Uğur UÇAR (Galatasaray A.Ş)

2. Ferhat ÖZTORUN (Galatasaray A.Ş)

3. Mehmet TOPAL (Galatasaray A.Ş)

4. Mehmet GÜVEN (Galatasaray A.Ş)

5. Serdar KURTULUŞ (Beşiktaş A.Ş)

6. Serdar ÖZKAN (Beşiktaş A.Ş)

7. İbrahim KAŞ (Beşiktaş A.Ş)

8. Kazım KAZIM (Fenerbahçe)

9. İlhan PARLAK (Fenerbahçe)

10. Orhan ŞAM (Gençlerbirliği Oftaş)

11. Murat KALKAN (Gençlerbirliği Oftaş)

12. Ediz BAHTİYAROĞLU (Ankaraspor A.Ş)

13. Özer HURMACI (Ankaraspor A.Ş)

14. Ergin KELEŞ (Trabzonspor)

15. Eray BİRNİCAN (Konyaspor)

16. Ufuk CEYLAN (Vestel Manisaspor)

17. Cemil VATANSEVER (İstanbulspor A.Ş)

18. Onur Recep KIVRAK (Karşıyaka)

19. Nuri ŞAHİN (Feyenoord)

20. Zafer YELEN (Hansa Rorstock)

21. Mevlüt ERDİNÇ (Sochaux)

22. Caner ERKİN (CSKA Moskova)

23. Ceyhun GÜLSELAM (Unterhaching)
RedLioN2010-05-09 22:41:23 +0000 #8
last week i watched Bayern-Rostock game and Zafer seemed a good player u know more about him ?



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