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Bayern vs Hamburg , BL W21 02.24.08 Match Videos

ReMad2010-05-10 01:46:09 +0000 #1

Bayern vs Hamburg

BL Round 21

Bayern (First , 41 pts ) vs Hamburg ( 4th , 38 pts )

Sunday February 24, 2008 16 GMT

WM-Stadion München

Videos During of the Match


First goal for Hamburg by Olic after Kahn's & Lucio's Mistake 61

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Ze Roberto Draws for Bayern (1 - 1) 66

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A shot fot Ze Roberto left to goal and Lucio's Header right to goal 11

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Nice Skills 17 & 20 & Chances for Toni 18 - 22

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Strong Strike by Van Bomel Right to Hamburg's goal 39

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First Half Highlihts : Bayern 0 - 0 Hamburg

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Dangerous Chance for Toni saved greatly by Rost 84

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Van Bomel Out with Red Card for Inappropriate Behavior 91

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BavarianRed2010-05-10 01:50:16 +0000 #2
Van bommel got a red card lol he swore at the ref u can literally tell..

emode2010-05-10 02:05:48 +0000 #3
I didn't watch this game so thnks for the highlights ReMad
BavarianRed2010-05-10 03:07:34 +0000 #4
Vam bommel a joker look what he does hahah he told the ref F u just watch his hands n what he does.... lmaooo.. this was a very good game could of gone either way a draw is good enough for bayern..



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