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The young of Fc Bayern

santacruze2010-05-09 22:32:47 +0000 #1
Bayern has sold many young players, for example like Mismovic(the second top striker of the Bayern reserve team), Feulner(the one who is said to be as strong as Salihamizic),Hitzperger(who plays in Aston Vila was the captain of Germany U23s)

So many talentd boys they have left Bayern and make another legend of themselves!

If Bayern made them stay what they would be now?

And Shevchenko who now plays for AC Milan was willing to join Bayern when his team Keiv Dinamo was beaten down by Bayern in UEFA.

Kaka, who is reported a talented boy earlier than other clubs, is now also play for AC Milan!

Bayern has missed many chances to have a potential player! the players in the last few years the bought are nearly who have some or more reputation.

If Bayern can leave some place and time for the young, now Bayern is a different state!
nachi882010-05-09 22:36:42 +0000 #2
I agree, but some some times money is important also. There are still many youngsters in bayern, who will be the future tommorow- There is schweinsteiger, there is owen hargreaves and there is Andreas Görlitz and Tobias rau. These guys are all comparatively young, and are the future of the bayern munich team of tommorow. A team cannot keep all its people, some have to be sold to make way/ buy experienced talent.



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