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Albania vs. Portugal

PonosBosne2010-05-10 00:29:28 +0000 #1
Good job guys, I'm very happy that you draw with Portugal in Portugal. You're defense is VERY Impressive you played with 10 men and defended great against, Ronaldo, Nani, Gomes, Quresma, and more you played great!

You're goalkeeper AMAZING!
Saraj Fanatico2010-05-10 00:36:31 +0000 #2
lol Albania rocks..
PonosBosne2010-05-10 00:36:04 +0000 #3

Originally Posted by Saraj Fanático

lol Albania rocks..

HELL YEAH! There goalkeeper was AMAZING!
benfica642010-05-10 00:51:58 +0000 #4
Portugal is in a funk, they will snap out of it. Good defence by albania.
ARBANITAI2010-05-10 01:23:36 +0000 #5

Originally Posted by Asmir90

HELL YEAH! There goalkeeper was AMAZING!

true that we played with ten men, for more then 48 minutes of the match, that was a disaster for us, since from then there, i knew our chances for an even counter attack were smaller, yet we only had to defend, and true that our defence was well organized in the back, fourtanetly, and yet our keeper managed to keep some of the big portuguese chances.



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