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Korcari452010-05-10 04:44:21 +0000 #1
Here we can talk about all the Rumors, Trades and News concerning Albanian Talents in Albania and around the World.
Korcari452010-05-10 04:53:56 +0000 #2
Hortnagel: “Salihi, Needed Strength for Rapid”

Albania-Sport (AS) - Alfred Hortnagl (40), the newly named director of the Austrian recordholding club SK Rapid Vienna, has made it clear that he cant see Rapid in eighth place in the Austrian Bundesliga. Known as an old friend of trainer Peter Pacult, the former midfielder of Tritol in the direction of Herns Hapel, Admira Vaker and Insbruk, has made it clear that his club is going to follow and start a serioes of investments to recruit valuble players for Rapid in January's Merkato. Hortnagl has named two candidates that he believes will strengthen his club according to the Austrian agency. The two players are the defender from Vaker, Hanes Eder and the Albanian forward Hamdi Salihi. Last sunday, present in the Albanian Superliga game "Tirana-Partizani" was Rapid's trainer Peter Pacult to follow for the second time in one month the bomber, Hamdi Salihi. He wasnt the only representative of foreign clubs, Hertha Berlin, Rizespor, Vorskla Poltva and Start all had representatives Present in Qemal Stafa's Stands. Salihi scored his 13th goal of the season ending the halfway mark in a good note. Pacult expressed his satisfaction with Salihi's performance in the pitch. The 21-year old forward has attracted the attention of many European clubs. For the time being "All Eyes are on Salihi", Who will he play for?
ARBANITAI2010-05-10 05:31:06 +0000 #3
i think salihi is a great player, maybe he is not ready to play for our A team now, but for u21 he is perfect, I think he need to improove a little more, and find a better club to play for, then thats it
Korcari452010-05-10 05:06:46 +0000 #4
Salihi is 22 and he is part of our A team also itis known that now Bushati doesnt get players that are more than 19 or 20 in our U21 team and most of the kids are 18 19 YO. He is ready to play but needs experience on the pitch in a friendly and if we are winning by 2 or 3 goals in a match then he needs to go in and play.
Korcari452010-05-10 05:52:29 +0000 #5
Isli Hidi will go to Italy Breshia has expressed interest in the Albanian NT and SK Tirana Goalie.
Korcari452010-05-10 07:10:36 +0000 #6
Igli Tare and Erion Bogdani both on the move. Bogdani will be transferred to Xhenoa for 3.5 million Euros and Tare is being approached by three teams Kievo Torino and Breshia.
Korcari452010-05-10 06:37:28 +0000 #7
Labinot Haliti possible transfer from Newcastle Jets to NK Rijeka in the Croatian League.
Korcari452010-05-10 06:04:31 +0000 #8
Edvin Murati may be on the move from Panseriakos to the Cypriot league APOEL Nikosias. His decision to stay on the Greek second division shocked everybody now he seems to be re-thinking his decision.



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