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Briegels "chapter closed"

Sandro12010-05-10 03:30:38 +0000 #1
Albania are looking for a new coach to oversee their UEFA EURO 2008™ qualifying campaign after Hans-Peter Briegel refused the offer of a new contract.

'Chapter over'

Reports last week suggested the former German international was on the verge of signing a two-year extension which would take him up to five years in the job. However, Football Association of Albania president Armando Duka announced last night that "the Briegel chapter is closed. We have to look for another coach".

Yes another coach, to be honest i didnt like briegel at all, they way that he didnt call some great players and so. btw he was an ok coach lets hope we´ll find another great coach for out national team..
ARBANITAI2010-05-10 03:46:56 +0000 #2
Ky Kapitull ka perfundu moti



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