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ARIANIT_C2010-05-10 03:47:01 +0000 #1
• The FSHF chooses the middle way.

The order from the Prosecutor’s Office has been for the FSHF to allow the audit of the Ministry, however the Executive Committee of the organization has come out a given a non-answer and has justified it by saying that it needs to seek further independent legal advice. After a closed door meeting that lasted about an hour and a half the committee has discussed whether to allow the audit to take place or not. This situation has become an intriguing conflict and has now ended up on the Prosecutor’s desk. And this institution has been on the side of the Ministry and has ordered President Duka and Secretary Bici to allow the audit. The deadline passed on Monday.

The decision taken by the Committee read as follows: “The FSHF will seek legal consultation from an independent firm or a non-government organization concerning the audit programs by the MTKRS and FSHF”- said the statement, decided by a vote of 10 to 1. It has not yet been decided on the Law Firm; however the choice has been left up to the Secretary. The other issue the committee discussed was on how to deal with the MTKRS. “The FSHF will continue its negotiations with MTKRS to find an administrative solution for the conflict over the audit” – concluded the statement.

THE DECISIONS of the Executive Committee

1.The FSHF will seek legal consultation from an independent firm or independent non-government organization that deals with legal issues.

2.The FSHF will continue to negotiate with the MTKRS to find a solution to the conflict over the audit.



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