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Exclusively - Medi Bushati:I still have not made up my mind yet

ARIANIT_C2010-05-10 04:53:58 +0000 #1
• Dinamo’s technical director has not yet decided to run for the presidency of the FSHF.

Mehdi Bushati puts an end to the speculations that he is already one of the candidates for the presidency. In an exclusive interview for, Bushati said: “The deadline is on Tuesday but I have not yet declared my candidacy and it is possible that I will not do so at all. This job would require maximal dedication and I am still considering this from every angle. I want to analyze all the objectives in order to make a decision and be completely convinced of my decision. If I were to give a definitive answer right now I would have to say, NO” – concluded the ex-president of the Olympic Committee regarding his candidacy for the open position at the top of the FSHF.



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