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Skender Gega will not run for the president of FSHF

ARBANITAI2010-05-10 02:50:44 +0000 #1
The desire to be near his family is the main reason.

The famous ex-player of Partizani has put an end to the speculations and has eliminated every possibility of his candidacy in the upcoming elections for the highest football office in Albania.

“Despite the desire and the predisposition to put his name among the possible candidates, I can say that it is something rather impossible”, declared exclusively for, Skender Gega.

The ex-national player had been one of the possible names noted for the candidacy of the Presidency of the FSHF.

“So far, I have not declared my candidacy and I have not added my name to the list for this position. But I would like put an end to the speculations and I would like to declare that my name will not be on the candidate’s list. The main reason for this decision is my family, toward which I have complete devotion and dedication” clarified Gega.

Having lived in the United Sates for many years, it is understandable that this would factor in his decision. “I live here with my wife and two kids. My daughter, Klaudia is nineteen years old and a freshman at Rutgers University, as a pre-med major. My son, Albano is fourteen and will be in high school next year. They are great students, but above all they are amazing children and I could never accept living away for them for more than a day. They are going through a delicate age. This is the decision I made when I decided to live in this far-away-country and to think of their future which happens to be the best thing I have ever done. I have never been disconnected from Albania. I have a thousand reasons to always remain in touch. The person I most love, my mother, lives there.”

He has never neglected his passion for football. In the United States, he continues to be involved with youth teams. “Currently, I work for World Class Soccer and I coach a U-17 team. Twice I have reached the State finals with this team. I was champion of the Jefferson Tournament Cup and in 2004 we were National Champions in US Club Soccer”- said Skender regarding his accomplishments. Also, he mentions the pleasure the job gives him as well as the group of people he has had the good fortune to work with. “One of the reasons for my satisfaction is the bond I have created with the other coaches and the club personnel. The majority of them are well-known ex-players form various countries. The director of the program, Kazbek Tambi, and ex-player with Cosmos and captain of the U.S Olympic Team during those years. Kaz is a coach with the U-18 girls’ team for World Class, coach for Seton Hall University, and coach of the U.S National U-16 team. At this point we are great friends and we have a great understanding with each other”- explains the ex-“red” player, about the circumstances that make him be optimistic.

“My movement would certainly disturb the flow of things, especially in the aspect of being far. I want to thank my friends and the clubs in Albania that thought it appropriate to suggest my name based on the knowledge of my character and capabilities. The idea of it alone, makes me proud”- emphasized Gega.

When asked to comment on the other candidates, Gega said:

“To tell you the truth I am not very knowledgeable about their professional ability, because I don’t know them. But based on what I know I would say that Avni Ponari is a possible candidate; I could say the best things about him as a person as well because I know him personally” - concluded the stopper of Parizani and the National team during the 80’s and 90’s.



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