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The adventures of foreign coaches

ARBANITAI2010-05-10 08:16:24 +0000 #1
Coaching dismissals have been a major talking point during the 2005-2006 season, when six of the Superleague benches have seen changes

The number of the fired coaches in 2005-06 has been “great”. During this actual season, the first half of the 2005-2006 , many teams have changed their coaches, maybe even two or three times, keeping up te pace with the previous Championship.

Superior Category

The record for the number of coaches changed is held by several teams. Starting with Pratizani, three; Neptun Bajko, Sulejman Mema which were fired and Sulejman Starova, who is now the actual coach. Dinamo, also changed course three times. The Croatian coaches Luka Bonacic, Ivan Katalinic and Albanian Vasil Bici who is now an assisntant coach of the Croatian “Terrible Ivan”. Even the modest team of Shkumbni has had the luxury of changing three coaches. In the beginning the team was lead by Faruk Sejdini, who gave up the post to Alfred Ferko, who in turn gave it up to Sulejman Demollari. Now Demollari finds himself under the pressure of Agim Canaj. Even the champions of Tirana replaced their coach Sulejman Starova with the Italian coach Leonardo Menichini at the start of the season. Menichini happened to be the second Italian to sit on an Albanian bench after Ticiano Gori. (we should point out however Giuseppe Dosena abandoned the national team after only four games – two official). After Menichini’s departure, Tirana is being coached by Krenar Alimehmeti. However, as his previous fellow coaches he was unable to help the team out of the crisis which it is in, and was only able to get to the seventh place with the points gathered in the second fase. During this earthquake of firings, Besa also made several changes. After having let go Ilir Duro just before the start of second week, Agim Canaj was named the head coach, which was also fired in a surprise move, because Besa had finally reached the top of Superior Category and had been considered by many in the press as a contender this season. After Canaj had gone, it was Ilir Shulku’s turn to sit on the Kavaja bench. Also, Vllaznia decided on a change of direction. After Dervish Haxhiosmanovic from Montenegro was fired, the team is being led by Hysen Dedja. Only Ilir Daja (Elbasani), Mirel Josa (Skenderbeu), Hasan Lika (Teuta) and Perlat Sevo (Lushnja) are still on their feet. However Lika And Sevo are on mined territory.

The adventures of foreign coaches

There were four foreign coaches that came to Albania to lead Albanian soccer clubs, but currently three of them only exist in the history books. The Croatian Bonacic (Dinamo), the Montenegrin Haxhiosmanovic (Vllaznia) and the Italian Menichini have booked the flights with no return a long time ago. The only survivor, (however continuously endangered), has been the croatian of Dinamo, Ivan Katalinic. Also, among the foreign coaches, is the national team coach Hans Peter Brigel, whose contract will expire in June 2006.



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