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The “white and blue” hierarchy cannot find a common language to pinpoint cause of..

ARBANITAI2010-05-10 04:25:44 +0000 #1
KF Tirana is going through a full-blown crisis

KF Tirana is going through a full-blown crisis, which has certainly had a negative effect not only in the collision of opinion between the donors, but it has also effected the relations between them. Lately, a series of problems have surfaced, which according to secure sources of, are very serious. During a meeting with the donors as well as representatives from the team, the idea of doing away with Devi Muka has been proposed. He is considered, by some of the sponsors, to be the reason for the free fall of the team. This proposition has created much arguments and Refik Halili, who is one of the sponsors, has defended the “white and blue” captain, by saying the Muka should remain with the team at least until the begging of the third faze. Two of the team’s donors have reservations regarding the motivation shown by the mid-fielder on the field, by considering him as a captain that does not give it his all and leaves a lot to be desired in managing the game on the playing field. “There will be a lot of changes at Tirana” - said Shefikat Ngjela for, however she did not mention specific names. “ I will make public the problems that I see inflicting the team as soon as I return to Albania. Tirana cannot progress this way” - continued Ngjela. Even if many won’t accept it, there will be a radial changes at Tirana and drastic measures will be taken. Devi Muka’s name is one that has been discussed for removal throughout, which will put Refik Halili, his most arduous defender in a difficult position. It seems obvious that this havoc in the team has only been accentuated by the loss to Partizani.



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