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Shkendija and Rabotnicki have decided, Bashkimi still in a dilemma

ARBANITAI2010-05-10 03:18:01 +0000 #1
• The Albanian teams in the Macedonian Championship have successfully completed the first half of the season

Three of them, Shkendija’ 79, Bashkimi andVllazerimi find themselves in the middle of the table, while Renova is ranked second to last.

The first season of the Macedonian Championship has been successful for the Albanian teams. Shkandija ‘ 79 is ranked fifth with 28 points, while Bashkimi of Kumanova is in the sixth spot with four less points. Vllazerimi of Kercova made its debut in the First League this year and has finished this first half in seventh place with 22 points. Renova has 16 points and finds itself in the second to last place. Cementarnica has also as many points but is ranked one spot higher by having scored more goals. Shkendija and Vllazerimi both have European axpectations and have decided on the location of their preparation in order to regain their energy. Shkendija ‘ 79 will complete the preparation in Antalia, Turkey. Baskimi whom have traditionally traveled to Turkey, has chosen the same location. What has not yet been decided is the way the teams will be traveling to Turkey. According to the Bashkimi president, Qani Aliu, if the team will take a plane along with the other teams then the destination will be Antalia. If the team must travel by bus, the destination may be changed. The club from Tetova have decided that they will practice in Antalia but they are keeping their options opened on the way of travel. However, the two new members of the First League are yet to make a decision on the location of their preparation. Based on their financial situations, they might join the other two Albanian teams, however the other two options would be Macedonia and Bulgaria.

Among the other teams that have Albanian players in their rosters only the current and winter champion Rabotnicki K. have decided on where they travel. Just like the other teams, Rabotnicki K., has chosen Antalia, Turkey. It is expected that within a few days all of the other teams will decide on the location of training and the teams that will travel to Antalia will decide on the opponents they will test themselves against.



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