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an English Beer is named after the Albanian Hero !!!

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Skenderbeg The Beer

Skenderbeg The Beer How many beers do you know named after Albanian National Heroes?

Beer2go, Bury St Edmunds’ specialist beer shop has just launched it’s second own label beer in less than 6 months.

The shop that is one of the newest, and possibly the smallest, beer shop in the country has been attracting visitors from all Four Corners of the UK.

Spurred on by the success of their first own label beer " Bury IPA", Now their biggest seller, they have decided to add a second to the portfolio.

2005 marks the 600th anniversary of the birth of Skenderbeg a fifteenth century Albanian hero who freed his country from the grip of the Ottoman Empire. This beer celebrates that anniversary.

In one of his great battles legend has it that he tied candles to the horns of rams and attacked the Turks at night. The Turks thinking that the opposing army was much greater than it actually was took flight. As Monty Python might have put it "they buggered off!"

The history of Skenderbeg:

Skenderbeg was born Gjergi Kastrioti in the middle Albanian town of Kruja. He was the son of the local ruler. Albania was under Turkish control .To ensure fidelity it was customary for rulers sons to be taken hostage and to be bought up in the Turkish Court. Skenderbeg distinguished himself in battle and was eventually made a general in the Turkish army. But in 1443 he rebelled and recaptured his father's capital Kruja from the Turks and raised the Albanian Flag over the city. Skenderbeg successfully reunited the Albanian princes under his command and for the next 25 years successfully prevented Albanian from being recaptured by the Turkish army, before dying of natural causes in 1468.

Why Skenderbeg ?

Ginny Buchan, one of the directors of Beer2go, was so impressed with the Skenderbeg legend, on a visit to Albania, that she felt that the 600th anniversary of his birth just had to be marked in some way. Hence, a strong beer for an Albanian strong man.

The beer is a 5.5% dark, ruddy ale with a creamy head. It is a complex beer with the bouquet of apples and a hint of cloves; reminiscence of mums apple pie. A malty tasting brew with undertones of hop and resin followed by a pleasantly bitter/sour aftertaste. In a blind tasting this beer could easily be mistaken for a Belgian offering along the lines of De Koninck. A real ale for a real hero.

Brewed for Beer2go by an East Anglian microbrewer. This is the second beer in their portfolio following on from Beer2go IPA.

Happy birthday Skenderbeg !



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