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Shulku outstrip his fellow Lika

ARBANITAI2010-05-10 07:28:22 +0000 #1
Besa won the battle of ex U-21 coaches

Another close game was that between Besa and Teuta, which was decided by a single goal in favor of Besa, scored by Herby Fortunat. The Haitian brought his total to 7 goals, after a ten-week-drought. Salihi of Tirana leads the league with 14. Besa had previously lost to Skenderbeu 2-0 while Teuta came to this game after having beaten Shkumbini by a score of 2-1.This rivalry translated into a very physical game with the Teuta defender Zere being ejected in the second half and with Xhiani and Abdulla for Besa coming close to it. The two head coaches, who have at one point managed together the U-21 National team, had different emotions about the game.Shulku said that his team had deserved the win, while Lika expressed that his team was never able to find its game. Besa now has 26 points while Teuta finds itself at the bottom of the table along with Lushnja.

Kavaje, Stadium Besa

Besa-Teuta 1-0

Scorer: Herby Fortunat 62

Besa: Bledar Dura, Ervis Kraja, Alban Dragusha, Gentian Cela, Emanuel Nana Bikoula, Abdulla Isshaka Salihu, Emiliano Veliaj, Shpetim Bebaj, Piko Malek Binogol, Herby Fortunat, Altin Rraklli - Coach: Ilir Shulku

Bench: Taulant Guma, Gentian Bratja, Enik Dhima, Artan Karapici, Dorian Bubeqi, Merdian Kasollja

Teuta: Xhevair Kapllani, Qazim Buna, Marlon Dollaku, Arjan Zere, Marenglen Kapaj, Oerd Kotja, Aleksander Kovac, Olgert Muka, Parid Xhihani, Bledar Mançaku, Ligoraq Tiko - Coach: Hasan Lika

Bench: Gledis Tafaj, Fatmir Bardhi, Arben Likmeta, Jeton Jakupi, Bledar Hodo, Ardit Shaqiri, Emanuel Ezeriaha Itheanwu

Referee: Sazan Velçani



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