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Ervin Skela missed penalty a against BajernMunchen!

ARIANIT_C2010-05-10 05:58:16 +0000 #1
Ervin Skela missed a penalty kick , saved by Oliver Khan when the score was 2-1 for Bayern Munchen

The play of the Bavarians was anything but full of pressure in the beginning of the second half time. The German record champion still went by a 11-meter of the Dutch forward Roy Makaay fast again to guidance. FCK captain Marco Engelhardt had got before Zé Roberto in the penal space of the legs. "I have come a step too late and have dripped him “, commented the defender on the scene after the end of the fairly meeting. FCK goalkeeper Jürgen Macho quarreled with the destiny: "11-meter is a lottery, I was still light only with the finger points in it" quoted the keeper after the match

However, only few minutes after the recent remains Ervin Skela had the chance to the balance, after referee Manuel Gräfe pointed the spot after a foul of Philipp Lahm in Halil Altintop. Likewise, as the punishment of push point.. However, Skelas 11-meter became a prey of Bavarian goalkeeper Oliver Kahn small boat which foreseen the right corner.

The Albanian national player was feeling deeply sad: "Who takes over responsibility, must hit. Or he has failed. It does to me a lot of grief for the team". The FCK tried it up to the last second, however, against clever inhabitants of Munich. no more hit wanted to succeed.

FCK coach Wolfgang Wolf said after the final whistle: "I think, Bavaria has won deservingly. However, I would have seen with pleasure what would have happened if we had transformed the 11-meter missed by Skela. With the state of 2:2, the Bavarians would have had to open again and we would maybe have got well in counterattack. Indeed, one also does not know of course whether the Bavarians could have drawn the tempo not once again" - commented the coach

Meanwhile, even if the FCK had to start the journey home without points in the baggage, one might look after the brief defeat with confidence at the next tasks. Coach Wolf also valued the situation: "We can build on our achievement. Now I am already glad about the play against Frankfurt on Wednesday" finished the coach his personal opinion about the future task on midweek



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